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May 31, 2011 06:32 PM

Off The Grid Berkeley - every Wed night 5-9pm starting 6/1/11!

Off The Grid Berkeley will be at the intersection of Shattuck & Rose every Wed. night 5-9p starting tomorrow Wed 6/1/11. I hope to read some reports!

The eight for tomorrow Wed 6/1/11:

Liba Falafel
Harpa SF
The Taco Guys
Skylite Snowballs
510 Burger
Fins On the Hoof
Brass Knuckle

Website mention here:

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    1. re: hhc

      i went around 7:00 and didnt buy anything because the lines were long. When i arrived, the hapa sf, brass knuckle and liba falafel trucks had long lines. CupKates and 510 Burger were there, but were not serving at the moment. Skylite, taco guys and fins were no shows as far as i can tell. Kind of a small space, even for only a few trucks. the setup is like the thursday evening farmers market - trucks on the side, people grazing in the middle. if they are planning to expand it, they'll either have to block off more of shattuck , the parking lot that parallels shattuck in front of saul's or find another place. the only truck i wanted to try out was fins on the hoof. but, alas they were not there. i walked home and ate oatmeal instead.

      1. re: hhc

        Got there at 6:30 and Cupkates and 510 weren't serving. Liba Falafel had just sold out of falafel and Hapa SF and Brass Knuckles had incredibly long lines, since everyone had crowded to those trucks. Lots of families and big groups. Like the other poster, I didn't buy anything either. Hope to try later when there are more options, when I'm free at 5pm on the dot.

        , Berkeley, CA

        Hapa SF
        San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

      2. I got there about 7ish, and yes the lines were long. More frustrating than anything was how hard it was to know what was for sale and how much it cost. Yes it is the first time in this location, but not like they don't know the drill. Menus would make it much better. The lines were blocking foot traffic and the view of the menu. 510 Burger was sold out/not serving, but it was not clear. Some organization needs to happen. I decided to go to the Epicurious Garden instead. I hope in the future it improves, it is a cool idea and it would be nice to see it succeed

        Epicurious Garden
        1513 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

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        1. re: aquariusdragonfly

          Went last night with a fairly large group of neighbors/friends around 6:30 and stayed until 9ish sipping wine and people watching. It was a madhouse, lots of people and long lines. We spread out and shared food. The following trucks were present:

          -3 Sum Meats had a long long line all night but the service was frustratingly slow. By the time our group members showed up with the brisket sandwiches and mac and cheese rolls, all the other food we had purchased had already been eaten. That said, the food itself was tasty. The brisket had tons of flavor and the rolls were great, but too rich to eat more than a few bites of.

          -Senor Sisig had the longest line while we were there. We waited 45 minutes from the time we got in line until the time we received our food and we still beat the people in line at the 3 sum truck. I found the senor sisig burrito to be boring, too much fried rice and quite pricey for $8.50.

          Kasa had their new truck out. Clearly the most professional and organized operation, and the nicest (and newest) truck. The line was moderately long but constantly moving with people getting their food pretty quickly. The CTM kati rolls were actually better than the ones I had in the Castro restaurant. The roti was flaky and soft like a Singaporean roti, and the CTM and chutney had some nice heat that was complimented well by the raita. Among the best food and value for $4.50 per roll...however the $2.50 samosa was a bit pricey.

          Streatery had the most appealing menu for me. The braised oxtail over grits was fantastic and worth the $9. Delicious creamy grits aarrlllhh (Homer Simpson drool). The line never built up very long.

          We waited too long for Cupkates and they only had double vanilla left. We still bought them and the cupcakes were a nice way to end the evening at $3 each. Moist, nice density and not too sweet.

          Five 10 burger was out there and served until the very end, but they were way to slow for us to deal with. Someone stood in line for 20 minutes without moving and just gave up. We watched their truck it didn't seem like they were handing out orders more frequently than maybe every 4 minutes...and that was with a very long line. Burgers out of a truck pose a major logistical problem as they take time to cook and assemble.

          Hapa was there but we passed. Same with Skylite, Taco Guys and Liba.

          The operators seemed well prepared with most trucks serving regularly until 8:30 or so. Not sure how often I would go back and deal with the waits and the lines, but it made for a nice evening.

          On a related note, I caught up with the Tandoori Chicken USA truck in Emeryville. A bright red fire engine looking truck. The recommended item was the tandoori chicken sandwich. A sandwich combo with fries (or rice) came to $9 plus $2 more for a mango lassi Popsicle. The sandwich was a bit dry. It was made on pita bread and got most of its flavor from the mayo based sauce they put on it. The chicken didn't have a strong tandoori flavor, not sure if the truck has a tandoor or not. The fries were house cut and served piping hot. I would have preferred a regular mango lassi to the Popsicle as the ice crystals that formed in the Popsicle took away from the yogurt and mango flavor.

          , Berkeley, CA

        2. Went last week and it's smaller than the other OTG, but maybe bigger than the McCoppin version. Lots of Berkeley students, of course, and families. Crowds get busy around 6:30-7 p.m.

          I ate at 3Sum for the first time, and really enjoyed their Cubana. LOTS of pulled pork meat in the bun, nice and toasted, with sliver of ham and pickled jalapeno slices. Interesting aioli but a weird pale yellow color. Still, I loved it. I also got their homemade Twinkies but didn't "love" them. They were just like an elongated cupcake.

          Also had a lamb taco from the Taco Guys, which had long lines just like 3Sum. Taco was good.

          Spotted Streatery there, and I always love their oxtails. Also Brass Knuckles was there, and I had one of the best waffle sandwich there. Totally cooked right.

          I didn't get a chance (too full) to try Fish on Hoof, which looked interesting but didn't have much of a line. And 510burgers was there, but I don't eat a whole lot of red meat.

          Here's a link to my pictures: