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May 31, 2011 06:28 PM

Chinatown Best Hong Kong Style Congee (Jook)

Heading to Chicago next week. I'm very excited to found from Yelp several Hong Kong style cafes that serve congee (jook): Ken Kee, Chi Cafe, Sweet Station, etc. Is one better than other?

All of them also serve Hong Kong style baked rice/spaghetti but none of them listed Russian Borsch Soup, a bit disappointed.

While I'm on the hunt homeland food, any place for Hong Kong style desserts? I'm looking for the steam egg custard.

Thanks in advance.

Ken Kee Restaurant
2129 S China Pl, Chicago, IL 60616

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  1. am heading to Chicago week of Aug 8 and also in search of best congee with fried dough sticks. Which one did you go to and how was it?

    Am from Toronto where Chinese cuisine reigns supreme outside of HK so expectations are high. Am taking a friend who has no access to great congee. thanks

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      Your demand is pretty high... I live in Chinatown and even I am not sure where the Jook is truly great. A couple of months ago the jook over at Go4food was pretty decent but recently it is not that great.

      I am not sure on steam egg custard but St. Anna over at chinatown square got some hong kong style St. Anna type Egg tart.

      1. re: wano

        I've tried most of the cafes in Chinatown ( except for Tasty City) and IMO, the best one I had was at Sweet Station. None of em were bad though, but keep in mind I've never been to Toronto so no clue how they measure up.