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Feb 20, 2006 01:25 PM

Restaurants on Robertson?

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Got some tourists in town who are wanting to go shop on Robertson right about now. They have mentioned that they are very hungry. They are not the types who would be into the Ivy. Any other places on Robertson you guys would recommend?


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  1. The Newsroom Cafe across the street is supposed to be fairly good and definitely without the airs of the Ivy, nor the price points. Fairly eclectic menu.
    Chaya Brasserie on Alden, just off the corner of Robertson, is a really nice place, yet not inexpensive if you want to do lunch.

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    1. re: carter

      I second the rec. on Chaya. It is a good place to send out-of-towners to. It is not cheap but similar, I think, to what it costs at the Ivy but probably a little less.

      1. re: JBC

        I second the rec on Newsroom and third Chaya.

        Newsroom is more casual, Chaya more elegant, both have good food and lots of choices.

        1. re: Colleen

          All those recs I agree with, but I'd like to also throw into the mix Madeo. It's an Italian institution-- about as far as you can get from being "a scene" so don't go for celeb sighting. It's pricey, but the service is incredibly attentive and I love their food.

          It's on Beverly about a block and a half west of Robertson.

          1. re: Ben

            I love Chaya. Awesome drinks, great for happy hour.

    2. Walk two short blocks east of Robertson on 3rd Street and have a great moderately priced Italian meal at Orso's on one of the city's best patios. You might even see some of the Ivy's star power without all of the fuss. For a more casual and even less expensive option, but still very good, try the new Bread Bar right next to Orso's featuring great homemade breads, sandwiches, soups and pastry.

      1. I had a wonderful dinner at Tagine near Robertson. It's very cozy. Also a warning about the circus roberston has become (*sigh*), when I went shopping there last weekend, they actually had a line to get into Kitson. :P


        1. Living very close to Robertson, I have only this to say:

          Avoid Al Gelato. Cute litte neighborhood joint with sub-par pasta (mushy noodles in sweet red sauce) and really, really mediocre gelato.

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          1. re: Chestnut

            I actually like the coffee crunch and cappucino gelati. Never had dinner there, though.