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May 31, 2011 05:19 PM

Little Italy: Cafe Zucchero or Vincenzo's

I left San Diego in 2007 but have been asked to give recommendations on restaurants in Little Italy for tomorrow night. What would be your choice, or is there something else that would be better? Thanks in advance!

Cafe Zucchero
1731 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

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  1. I think Vincenzo's is closed.

    Buon Apetito is better than either of those spots, IMO.

    1. Bencotto for pasta or Craft and Commerce for something other than Italian in Little Italy.

      1. Definitely NOT Zucchero. In fact, I would steer clear of all the restaurants owned by the group that owns zucchero. Made the mistake of going to one of their restaurants friday night because we got impatient waiting for another place. Huge mistake. Their food is on par with olive garden. I'm not even joking.

        1. Buon Appetito, Puerto La Boca or Bencotto.

          Cafe Zucchero is unimpressive.

          1. Bencotto.

            Get some fresh-shaved prosciutto with some fried Gnocco Fritto to start!
            Everything I've had there is delicious. Although I tend to repeat order the pumpkin ravioli in the sage butter.