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May 31, 2011 05:14 PM

Dog friendly restaurants in Brooklyn?

Summer's here, and nothing beats grabbing a bite or a drink outside with our 4-legged friends. Do you have any dog-friendly/outdoor restaurants which you frequent? I live in Carroll Gardens, and my wife and I tend to frequent Francesco's Pizza, Enoteca On Court, and Downtown Bar & Grill. I've heard Buttermilk Channel is dog friendly too (the outdoor seating).

Share your recommendations and tips here!

531 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Downtown Bar and Grill
160 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Buttermilk Channel
524 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Enoteca on Court
347 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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  1. Building on Bond
    Watty & Meg
    Union Smith used to allow, so Diego may.
    Bark in Brooklyn Bridge Park said they will probably be allowed on the rooftop.
    Apartment 138 sometimes has 1-2 tables out front.

    Apartment 138
    138 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Watty & Meg
    248 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Building on Bond
    112 Bond St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

    305 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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    1. re: MK11201

      Bar Tabac, despite having a bunch of outside seating, has always told us no dogs are allowed, which is why we stopped going there.

      Unfortunately there's a ton of restaurants with outside seating, but it's almost all in back patios, very few with sidewalk seating in this area. Montague Street has some restaurants but there isn't a place I could imagine ever wanting to eat at.

      Bar Tabac
      128 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. re: fishermb

        Bar Tabac allowed dogs until a few years ago, then stopped for reasons unknown to me. I've also tied the pooch up outside Verde once or twice and sat by the open front doors, a few feet from her.

        Bar Tabac
        128 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

        216 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201