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May 31, 2011 04:47 PM

Meat and Potatoes gastropub- PGH

Hi everyone,

just wanted to let you know that I tried Meat and Potatoes ( on friday night (i believe the 2nd night they were open). Considering they had only officially been open for one night, I was really impressed. The space is really interesting. Cozy chairs, nice buzzy atmosphere. Nice bar in the center that would be a great place to get drinks or have dinner if you were by yourself and you wouldn't feel weird.

We tried a lot of different things. The appetizers were nicely sized. Easy to split amongst 4 people so that everyone had a generous bite:

- Fried brussels - if you like roasted brussel sprouts these taste just like them. Not super exciting, but good if you like your brussels
- Devil on horseback- amazing. date with chorio, i think goat cheese, wrapped in bacon. 4 to an order, a little nugget of deliciousness.
- potato skins with pork belly and ramps - how could it be bad? couldn't. was 1 medium size potato cut in half. Easy to split into a quarter per person
- mac and cheese - I try mac and cheese everywhere I see it on a menu. I thought it was better than six penn mac n cheese but probably a 7/10 on my mac and cheese scale.

I LOVE when i found out they had sweetbreads piccata style, I was really jazzed...a whole entree of sweetbreads!! nom nom. They were delicious. It was a very very large portion of sweetbreads. They could probably halve the amount and I would be happy.

The table also had the ricotta gnocchi (very fluffy), salmon with brussel sprout kim chi (yummy) and the flat iron (also yummy)

We split an apple pie which I liked (very doughy, almost pancake like) but my girlfriend thought it was a little too doughy...depends I guess on your preference in an apple pie.

All in all, great first experience and I look forward to going back and trying it again! Wonderful addition to downtown. I live in shadyside/eastside and I rarely go downtown for dinner. Not only did I travel specifically for dinner downtown for a non work related dinner, I would do it again.

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  1. Yammers - sounds like a great place to check out. I made the wrong choice at Six Penn too and thought the Mac N Cheese was awful.

    I'm going to check out the outdoor jazz soon so maybe I'll take a stroll over afterwards :) thanks.

    1. Thanks for the review Yammers... Like you the location is really out of the way for me, but will make a trip eventually to give it a try

      1. I just got home from Meat and Potatoes and was very pleased. I had a couple beers (Flying Dog In-Heat Wheat iirc) and the Pork Dip sandwich which came au jus with fries and slaw. The star of my meal was the baguette which I was told was baked in-house. Some crust but not so much that it resisted being bitten into, and delicious. The slaw could have been better, but when I'm faced with a sandwich and fries the slaw's an afterthought anyway.

        I'll be back. Plus they're open 7 days a week, Since moving to Pittsburgh I can't count how many times I've been caught by some restaurant that's not open on Sunday or Monday. If the rest of the menu is on par with the pork dip I've got a go-to spot for those dead nights.