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May 31, 2011 04:26 PM

Fun restaurant in Barrio Alto, Lisbon

Hi...Looking for any recommendations for a good restaurant in Barrio Alto section of Lisbon.
My partner and I will be in Lisbon over Gay Pride Weekend and are looking for recommendations. Thanks!!!!

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  1. @ Steveoinpalmsprings

    There are tons of options in the Bairro Alto in all price ranges so here are some options:

    Sinal Vermelho - Moderate, unpretentious, good regional cuisine and wine
    O Caracol - Traditional fare with a good wine list
    Primeiro de Maio - Traditional and festive atmosphere
    RESpublica - Excellent food in the Centro Cultural 25 de Abril. Very affordable.
    Império dos Sentidos - Portuguese and Italian Cuisine
    Príncipe do Calhariz - Simple, rustic fare
    Tavares - very chic and upscale
    Pap'Açorda - traditional and rustic cuisine
    Fidalgo - traditional and rustic

    Let me know if you have any questions since I live here in Lisboa.

    Boa Viagem!

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      Obrigado a vinhotinto75!
      I will check some of these restaurants out!