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May 31, 2011 03:22 PM

Cigars and Scotch club

It seems to me that a certain poster to this board and originally to the Austin 360 board mentioned that they once belonged to a Cigar and Scotch Club. I wonder if such an organization(s) exists now and how does one get to become a member? Thanks,J.

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  1. Co-sign. If this doesn't exist already, perhaps it should.

    1. Cool River Cafe's web site ( mentions their Cognac and Cigar Lounge. I checked out their dinner menu and a side of their mac & cheese is $6.95 so I probably couldn't get in the door.
      I'll third the request though.

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        Someone on this board might have the answer to my question. Is there a way to contact members privately through some sort of email. I don't want to out this person. J.