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May 31, 2011 03:14 PM

Hard Cider preferences?

I'm a fan of dry English ciders like Blackthorn, Strongbow and J.K. Scrumpy, when I can find them. I think ACE and Wyder's are just too sweet. I know the selection has been getting wider lately and the last thread I could find on hard cider brands was from 2001.

Anyone have a favorite press? (It would be a bonus if it was produced in CA, but I'm interested in anything you've enjoyed.)

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  1. I like Blackthorn and Strongbow, but find the Scrumpy way too sweet. Woodchuck from Vermont is good and crisp - granny smith being the tartest formulation, and Spire Mountain from Washington is also very nice.

    1. Another Woodchuck fan here. I would also point out that hard cider is possibly the world's most perfect beverage pairing with spicy curries like vindaloo - the low alcohol content (compared to wine) and slight sweetness (compared to beer) make it nicely complementary to chili heat.

      1. I love cider but am very picky. I like Scrumpy Jack but not Strongbow. I am a diehard Woodchuck fan...if you don't like supersweet I think the Dark and Dry is the best variety. I like the Amber as well but it is a little sweeter. They have been putting out seasonal brews lately. I want to try the most recent one.

        1. Love the ciders... Crispin (I believe with a C, not a K) makes a quite nice one as well.

          If I come upon a sweeter cider, I usually just make a snakebite out of it and the bitterness of the beer will largely offset that extra sweetness of the cider.

          1. Dunno if this thred will get moved off the wine board to the beer board or somewhere else, but...

            +1 for Crispin. I need to confess, though, that it is a local product for me (headquarters in Minneapolis). So that makes it a sentimental choice. They do have distribution outside of Minnesota, however.