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May 31, 2011 02:34 PM

san diego wedding caterers redux

I read the January (and earlier) postings on this topic and am wondering if anybody has updated information. Our venue has a list of required caterers, and one of the difficulties we face is that my fiance was transferred to California only 3 months ago, and I live out of state! Our knowledge of area services is limited ...

Below is our venue's list with (I think, I may have overlooked some) previously recommended (or not recommended, LOL) caterers omitted:
The Abbey Catering
Girard Gourmet
Authentic Flavors
Terra Catering

Also, an FYI to other couples w/ Waters catering on their lists: I just read online that Andrew Spurgin of Waters has left Waters catering and has started a new (and what sounds like even more expensive, LOL) company.

thanks all

Girard Gourmet
7837 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

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  1. I'd go with Terra. I've had some of their catering food before and found it to be quite tasty.

    1. Second the rec for Terra Catering.

      1. Authentic Flavors catered our wedding. They were excellent and very professional.

        1. I always hear great things about dining details

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          1. re: jennywenny

            Thanks for your updated suggestions ... it's time to start booking tastings. :)

          2. congrats on your upcoming wedding! what venue did you select? another vote here for authentic flavors.

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            1. re: beachbunnySD

              Thank-you for the good wishes ... we are getting married at the Darlington House in La Jolla.

              1. re: engdoc

                My sister was married there. It's a beautiful facility.

                1. re: engdoc

                  That's where I got married too. It is an amazing venue!