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May 31, 2011 02:21 PM


Anybody have the scoop on the opening date. Drove by on Sunday and it looked close. The suspense is killing me...

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    1. went last night for the opening, it was as good as you could hope. the pies were perfectly charred, the crust had a nice chewy texture and sourdough flavor.

      its great to see classic neopolitan pies being cooked on freret

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      1. re: hungry hungry hip paw

        Hey Hungry, how was the crowd? Everyone lined up to try it? How many tables, and is it BYOB, at least for now? Might try to get in there Wednesday.

        1. re: sanglier

          They had an excellent crowd considering the lack of pub, probably about a dozen 4 tops all of which were occupied by 7 or so.

          Its not byob, they have a wine list, all of which are from campania, cocktails and beer tho the taps weren't flowing yet - too bad as they had nola wheat on tap.

          I'm sure many in the crowd wanted to check it ou on opening night, I'm sure you'll glide in easily on wed nite.

          1. re: sanglier

            Three of us went last night at about 6, and there were three other tables occupied at that time. By the time we left there were many more people there. The beer taps were working; I had a couple Peroni. Everything food wise was great, and the service was fine. The pizza chef/owner (not Garcia, the other one) invited me back for a closer look at the oven, which was nice.

            1. re: uptownlibrarian

              Crap! Had one too many libations at Cure, by the time we drove by Ancora it was jammed. Foodies have descended! Think I'll wait and go at 5:05 one weekday nite soon.

              1. re: sanglier

                that's great to hear. I am so pleased to have someone cooking neopolitan style pies nearby. my only fear is that there's not enough people around willing to shell out 13-14 $ for a pie as me.

                I'm hoping they will be truly successful.

                I'm curious if anyone has tried out the high-hat next door?

                1. re: hungry hungry hip paw

                  It had a decent crowd on opening night (I was at Ancora next door); I didn't get a peek at the menu. (For the record, I like restaurants that post a menu near the exterior entrance.)

          1. Sounds fantastic - can't wait til they let me out of the office so I can try it first hand.

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