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May 31, 2011 01:55 PM

Suggestions for a birthday bar crawl in Williamsburg

I'm taking my wife out this Thursday night for a bar crawl in Williamsburg to celebrate her 43rd birthday. I was looking for some suggestions for places with good microbrews and decent wine that also serve tasty food and were within a comforatble walk of one another. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Spuyten Duyvil on Metropolitan has an extensive beer selection and decent wine, plus cheese/meat plates. It also has a very large and pleasant patio area, which is key since the bar itself is pretty cramped. If you like oysters, stop by Maison Premiere between 4-7pm – all oysters are a dollar, and the quality is high. They also have excellent cocktails and a thoughtful if not huge selection of beer on tap. For more substantial food, there's DOC Wine Bar on N.7th and Wythe.

    DOC Wine Bar
    83 N 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Spuyten Duyvil
    132 N 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Maison Premiere
    298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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      Thanks for the reply! Those places sound perfect, especially the happy hour special at Maison Premiere.

      Maison Premiere
      298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

      1. re: Morg

        My pleasure. Hope you had a great time.