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May 31, 2011 01:54 PM

Breakfast recommendations In Lower Nob Hill-ish area


My partner and I are visiting from San Diego and staying in Lower Nob Hill area this weekend. We are set for dinner Friday night (Delfina) and lunch Saturday (Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market) but would like to get advice on where to have breakfast Saturday.

Our ideal breakfast spot would be something within walking distance from our hotel, which is on 975 Bush Street, with simple yet delicious and hearty food. I am vegetarian (not vegan) but my partner enjoys meat and egg dishes. Also, we would like to avoid paying more than $12 per dish.

I looked at Cantina but that seems a bit pricey.

Thank you in advance.


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  1. Check out farm:table. It's tiny (one farm table, and sometimes a folding chair or two outside). But superb coffee, a pastry or two, and some kind of egg.

    Although Saturday you should probably walk over to the Ferry Building and eat breakfast at the farmers' market, a huge, rather amazing scene where you can get everything from organic cherries to porchetta sandwiches. It gets started early. Then have lunch elsewhere.

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      Windy, thank you. I like both options. Farm: Table appears to be right up our alley. But I also love the idea of hitting Ferry for breakfast.

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        I second this - the market is packed with people by 10am, it is much better to go for breakfast for a more leisurely time. After you get through it all you might not even be hungry for lunch, but if you are check out Plant Cafe next to the Ferry Building. Tasty food with lots of veg options (great veggie burger) and amazing views.

        Plant Cafe
        Pier 3, San Francisco, CA