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May 31, 2011 01:51 PM

Best Vacation Locale?

Ok, ignoring NYC, LA and FL -- and including international / caribbean etc, what's the best place for a quick vacay with great kosher grub?

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  1. Paris.

    If you live in an east coast city with direct flights, nothing else is even a contender if you want somewhere you can go quickly and find great kosher grub.

    Where do you live?

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    1. re: AdinaA

      Minneapolis -- been to Paris...loved Darjeeling!

    2. Just returned from 4 full days in Paris. Amazing food, gorgeous weather, convenient Metro, lots of sites to see. So what if everyone smokes?

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      1. re: DebbyT

        In late March I spent eight days divided between Rome, Florence, and Venice. Rome's food was great. I set out to try to eat authentic Italian, and I had gnocchi, risotto, fried Jerusalem artichokes, and tiramasu- all to die for. I also stayed at the Home in Rome, one of the kosher bed and breakfasts. So easy to get around in Rome with lots of food options. :)

        1. re: Pluckyduk8

          That's true. the kosher scene is Lilliputian compared with Paris, and the small number of restaurants close to go on holiday - so check carefully if great food is important. But the restaurants of Rome are worth a journey and the city and surrounding area are a delight, and there are direct flights from the U.S.

          London also has one or two good restaurants. I like the one at Bevis Marks very much.

          Many Americans are not aware of the truly fine restaurants in Manchester. There are a number of interesting things ot do there, and you can make it a base for touring the midlands and lakes district. But there are few direct flights form the U.S. and once you have to change planes, European cities are no longer quick.

          Geneva has only two restaurants, but they are both truly great restaurants. There are direct flights. And lots of things to do and see in and around the lakes district.

          Anyone know what the current restaurant situation is in Zurich?

      2. Chicago is not bad - quite a few choices but nothing like LA or NYC - but plenty to do

        1. Paris, Rome, Toronto (although most of the sightseeing is downtown, and the food is midtown or north in Thornhill), Montreal, Puerto Rico (Chabad's catering is heimish and yummy and they will drop off your meals at the airport or at your hotel), Hawaii (Chabad will deliver)