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May 31, 2011 12:29 PM

Best place to watch a sports game in Boston (emphasis on seating + televisions)

I'm looking for a spot within cab distance from Cambridge/Somerville to watch the Bruins. Not really concerned with the atmosphere (# of people, rowdiness, history, etc.). I'm more concerned with having a nice seat with a good view of a good TV to watch the game.

Think: A place similar to Buffalo Wild Wings but in the city...

What do you guys have?

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  1. I like Newtowne Grille (maybe with one more superfluous, old-timey 'e' in there somewhere). Decent house-of-pizza style food, an improving beer list (mind the sometimes dirty taplines though), and great prices. Plenty of TVs for the size, though they lack a huge, feature-game kind of screen.

    Newtowne Grille Food & Spirits
    1945 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

    1. Tavern in the Square Porter Square is where I watched most Celtics games. Great TVs, decent food, non-crummy patrons (mostly).

      1. Spirit in Porter Sq, Cambridge or Magoun's in Magoun Sq, Somerville. Decent food in both places (particularly at Magoun's) and they will both have the audio (which is an important criteria for me). Comfortable seating at the bars at both, too.

        I also love PJ Ryan's just outside Davis Sq, Somerville for games and food.