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May 31, 2011 11:51 AM

Summer 2011 Restaurant/Market vacations and Seasonal Closings

I think BostonZest opened a seasonal openings this year, but no vacation thread yet. The bulk of these come in July and some in August but I just happened on one. Some restaurants which regularly take vacation which are worth calling first in July and hopefully folks will post exact dates include Galleria Umberto, Trattoria Toscana, Courthouse Seafood Restaurant, Royal Pastry, Izzys...

New Deal Seafood is on vacation from 5/30 and back on 6/6. (Courthouse is still open and probably Fernandes but I haven't made it down there.)

Trattoria Toscana
130 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215

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  1. Gallaria Umberto closes the entire month of July, no earlier, or later. I once called on a Friday, because Saturday was June 30th and figured that since they were closed on Sundays, they might kick off a day earlier, but as the guy on the phone reminded me "tamarra ain't July!" I'll be heading down Saturday June 25th for my last fix before July.

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      They had a sign today saying vacation closing July 3 reopening Aug 1st, so just another week to get your fill for the month.

      1. re: lc02139

        They were true to this sign, as I ate there on Saturday.

    2. FYI, Courthouse Seafood Restaurant is closed for vacation 7/3-7/10. Courthouse Seafood market is still open as far as I know (at least today its open and there is no sign).

      And as mentioned earlier you will have to wait until August if you want to go to Galleria Umberto.

      1. Highland Kitchen is closed today (7/5).

        Highland Kitchen
        150 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

        1. Las Brisas at McGrath and Pearl St in Somerville was closed with a handwritten "closed" sign so probably on vacation, but I couldn't read much more from a distance.

          1. Esperia Grill is closed for annual 2 wk. vacatn 7/24 i think.

            Esperia Grill
            344 Washington Street, Boston, MA