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May 31, 2011 11:42 AM

Elements or 90 Acres?

I've heard great things about these 2 restaurants. I'm thinking about dining at one of them this summer. Has anyone been to both and can compare/contrast the two?

For Elements, I would think about the Chef's Menu, and at 90 Acres, the "Bring Me Food" menu (kind of like the Blue Hill Stone Barns model, I think).


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  1. I'm giving Elements the nod, if only for their short ribs. I've had a few clunkers at 90 Acres, never at Elements.

    1. We recently did back-to-back dinners at Ninety Acres (BMF) and at elements (Chef's Table). They actually use the same approach, i.e., a list of seasonal items that are incorporated into the meal. At both, seating is at a table with a view of the kitchen. At Ninety Acres, there are half a dozen tables in a huge space facing the gigantic kitchen. At elements, the setting is more imtimate with only two tables and a closer view of the action. At both, the chef, himself, came to the table to present a few of the courses.

      The food we had at Ninety Acres was very good, but it did not bowl me over (though that would not keep me going there again). At elements, there were a few courses that didn't really appeal to me (I'm a bit of a picky eater), but most were delicious, and a few were rave-worthy. So, overall, I think elements is the much better choice.

      Note: This was our second time at elements, our first at Ninety Acres.

      Ninety Acres photos:

      elements photos:

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        Thanks coldbeer and RGR. RGR, I had a feeling you probably have gone to at least one of these restaurants (I read one of your posts about Restaurant Nicolas, which I've gone to). Ha.

        I was leaning towards Ninety Acres originally just because they had that Blue Hill Stone Barns kind of feel to it. I've been to BHSB once and wasn't really wowed by the food, although I did enjoy the experience. However, elements seemed to have more of a modern take to it (a la Brooklyn Fare). I'm now leaning towards elements.

        1. re: RGR

          I can't really speak for both... However I did partake in the Chef's Tasting menu at Elements and can say that it was one of the top five meals of my life. I highly recommend it. The food was beyond inspiring. While Nicholas still remains my favorite resto in the state, Elements is tops for avant garde cuisine.

          1. re: RGR

            Have not been to Ninety Acres yet, but you can't go wrong with the chef's table at elements. We'll be dining there this week and can't wait to see (and taste) what Chef Anderson has in store for us.

            1. re: Foody4life

              If you are going for the food, then Elements. If you are going for the atmosphere, then 90 Acres. Elements has a nice atmosphere too but 90 Acres is more to my liking... Went last summer - thought the menu was a bit simplistic but I see they have made some nice changes from last year so it is worth another trip. Have had the chefs table and dinner at Elements and enjoyed both. The Chefs tasting is alot of food and I prefer the tasting menu offered in the dining room. You can't go wrong with either...

            2. re: RGR

              I would choose 90 acres, not because I have had better food or service there, but I believe the shear ambition of the project is something that anyone serious about food and food entertainment would is radically different than anything else in the state - elements is one of the finest dining venues we have and I have enjoyed every meal we have had there...and I agree iwth RGR that no single food dish has ever bowled me over at 90 acrers...but there is something very different and special about 90 acres and you if you have not experienced and only have one place to go this summer I woud suggest going there.