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May 31, 2011 10:32 AM

Sauce (Hot) Recommendations

I typically use Sriracha sauce as my go to hot sauce condiment, but was interested to get some other recommendations. I did a search on the topic and most prior posts are regarding sauces that pack a lot of heat. I am NOT looking for a sauce with a lot of heat. Sriracha has heat but also imparts a nice flavor. If anyone has a recommendation for a sauce that has a nice balance of flavor and spice and is widely available (nothing that requires me to fly to another country or attempt to import online, etc).

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  1. You'd probably like Franks, it is less than half the scovilles of Siracha with good flavour. They make several flavours, but the standard "Red Hot" is the standard sauce used in Buffalo wing sauce. recipes.

    1. I love Crystal, Texas Pete, Louisiana Original Hot Sauce and Valentina. Frank's Red Hot and DefCon are the only wing sauces I use.

      I leave the "insanity" sauces to the young folks.

      1. On another thread, some posters were discussing a hot sauce called Scorned Woman, and it was noted that it wasn't just 'hot', but had a nice flavor. I'm going to try to find that one for myself the next time I'm out at the markets.

        But, at the moment, when I'm not using Sriracha, I use Valentina's (the salsa picante, specifically, with the yellow label). It has a nice vegetable-ish note to it, and is not as hot as the rooster sauce. There is also a Valentina's with a black label, but I haven't given it a go yet.

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          Hot sauces are about the only condiment I routinely use (unless you count sliced chiles). I've tried a lot of them and agree that Valentina's is very good stuff (though, I like the Extra Hot, black label better).

          Scorned Woman is a couple steps up the heat ladder from Sriracha or Valentina's yellow label.

          1. re: MGZ

            Great responses, thanks! I am putting Valentina's at the top of the list to try and will go from there. Now I just have to find it. I am hoping it is at a local grocery store but will check the hispanic markets if a regular grocery doesn't pan out.

            1. re: Scott M

              The Valentina's sauce has a good, earthy flavors - with cumin perhaps the most discernible. One thing about "tasting" hot sauces, however, is that the more acclimated you are to the heat of the chiles, the more the rest of the flavors come forward. Thus, as you try more and more, where you find the balance between heat and flavor should shift and you may find yourself seeking hotter sauces.

              The following site provides the ability to search by heat levels. (Frankly, there was another I had thought I had saved that actually listed the Scoville units. Nevertheless, . . .)


              And, for what ever the hell it's worth (and anyone who cares to know), I've been quite fond of the Bone Suckin' Habanero Hot Sauce since I first tried it last year. It exhibits a balance point I enjoy (for now).

            2. re: MGZ

              Okay, you talked me into picking up the black label. I don't know why I keep holding off. I mean, it costs a WHOLE dollar.

              1. re: MGZ

                Valentina Black Label (AKA Valentina Muy Picante) is one of my favorite all purpose hot sauces.

                I've never been a big Sriracha fan, it's too sweet for my taste. I do like the Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce though.

              2. re: onceadaylily

                I can second Scorned Woman. It is quite hot, about 15 times that of Franks but with very good flavour.

                1. re: Scary Bill

                  Scorned Woman is tasty, but years ago I moved on to Melinda's Habanero Sauce, which has a more complex flavor profile and is available in several levels of heat. Their XXXtra Hot is my everyday sauce, and I also keep their XXXX Reserve and even hotter Red Savina on hand for when I want the extra kick. They used to be hard to find but are in a lot of chain grocery stores these days.

              3. H.D.H from Cajohn's.

                Dang hot and really good flavor. It's my favorite hot sauce in the world.


                1. As far as bottled red hotsauce goes Tapatio is hard to beat.