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May 31, 2011 09:59 AM

Recommendations for good cheap eats- Center City

I'm coming into town later this week for a conference and will be staying in Center City, minus a car. Looking for some good places to eat while I'm in town for a few days, any suggestions?

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  1. Get breakfast and lunch at Reading Terminal Market There are aready a number of threads here as to what to get.

    Also there are a lot of inexpensive places in Chinatown just to the north of the Market.

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      Good suggestions, you can eat cheap and very well at Reading Terminal every day and not eat the same thing twice (though dinner can be rough because it closes early).

      Can you elaborate on what you mean by cheap eats? Looking for takeout, sit down, sandwiches, bars, etc?

    2. In addition to more specifics about types of places, more about location might be helpful, as Center City covers a lot of territory. There are several good falafel places around the city. Lately, I've been partial to Philadelphia Chutney Company in the Rittenhouse neighborhood. Huge, filling dosas for a very reasonable cost. If you want to head a little south of Center City, there are some great cheap taquerias in the 9th St. Italian Market area.

      1. Thanks for the help everyone. I'll be stationed at the convention center and my hotel is a few blocks away. Price-wise would probably like to keep it under 15 when possible. Sit down places for dinner would be fine but otherwise probably more grab and go.
        Thanks again for the help!

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          Rangoon for Burmese food. Kind of a medley of Asian flavors. A couple of blocks east of the terminal on 9th street. One of the more interesting choices in Chinatown.

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            Sazon has great Venezuelan cheap eats at 10th and Spring Garden.

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              I love Sahara Grill just east of Broad on Walnut Street. Excellent hummus, great falafel. You can definitely be quite full for under $15. The service isn't always the fastest, but they are open for lunch and dinner, and its a BYO.


            2. hasnt gotten a lot of love on this board, but im a fan of argan moroccan at 17th between sansom and walnut. they make semolina bread, which is fluffy and grainy (in a good way) at the same time. and there are tables if you feel like sitting down

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                Argan is great....especially the slow cooked lamb sandwiches.

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                  i'm not a huge fan of Argan, despite being a huge fan of Moroccan food (and liking the guy who runs it, and used to work at El Fuego). Had a few lunches there and one dinner. Like it but don't love it, and dinner's kinda spendy.

                  My most basic philly cheap eats?
                  Soft pretzels. Teh ones you get from the hot dog carts. With mustard (no cheese).
                  not lunch, but they're great and they're cheap (usually 50c) and somewhat filling.

                  and get some water ice, too. Get lemon or cherry. If it's summer and it's hot.

                  Both of these are local specialties, but they're not the kind of thing you cross town to get.

              2. RTM is by far the best of all of these, but I will mention a few others. Just had lunch at DiBruno's. Not immensely cheap, but a good lunch can be had for under $15 in terms of soups, salads, great sandwiches and small pizzas.

                Also, stopped by capogiro today to try it for the first time. The gelato was everything people said it was: phenomenal, but their sandwiches were very cheap(starting at around $4.50) and looked delicious, though I didn't have one.