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May 31, 2011 09:34 AM

Brunch at Lazy Ox Canteen? Talk to me...

Who's had it? What's good?

Lazy Ox Canteen
241 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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    1. Went there today for brunch. Without a reservation, it was an hour wait for a table for four. The hostess was curt and mostly unpleasant; the kind of attitude you get when someone feels like they're doing you a favor by doing their job, but that's a thankless job.

      We shared about 5-6 dishes off the brunch menu and enjoyed most of them. The barley with feta was cool, refreshing and tasty. The shelled fava beans were a sleeper hit; chock full of flavor and tossed with thinly sliced garlic. The soft scrambled eggs were just that, and the omelette was forgettable. The grilled cabbage was hearty and delicious, and the yellow tail crudo was tangy and scrumptious.

      Service was abysmal, with the water guy being the saving grace. As a visitor from NYC, this place reminded me of the hip spots you'd find around SoHo, which I never frequent, and with that kind of service, it wouldn't last very long. I was at the Lazy Ox for brunch today because that's where the other three were already planning on going, but it was not memorable enough for me to make sure it's on my list next time I visit.

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        Service at Lazy Ox is usually pretty friendly but I usually sit at the bar. I would never recommend Lazy Ox for a NYC visitor because aside from the fried pig ears, the food just isn't that good. I'm still scratching my head why it gets so much love after 5-6 visits.

      2. So i went to lazy ox for brunch over the weekend. We showed up without a reservation which was a mistake--they were packed because a lot of people had the blackboard eats coupon. the hostess told us they couldn't seat us for 45 minutes. So, we walked around little tokyo. got back in 30 minutes and were told that they had passed us up and we might have to wait longer now. Annoying.

        They finally sat us. The burger was great. The pig ears were interesting, but i wouldn't get them again. Everything else was unremarkable--i think we had the barley salad, the cauliflower, the fava beans and the ricotta pancakes.

        I've been here three times now, twice for dinner and once for brunch. I've never been impressed and always came away with a hole in my wallet. Other places are much better for equal or less money.

        And the host/hostess seemed to be proud of their snottiness, or snotty about their pride...