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May 31, 2011 09:23 AM

EPCOT recommendations please!

What are the best bets in the EPCOT theme park for snacks, drinks, lunch, or dinner? My husband and I haven't been to EPCOT in 20 years and probably won't go again for a really long time...I know Disney food is pricey so am looking for advice on what's worth the price or is otherwise special or not to miss! Thanks for any help!

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  1. rocknroll there are a lot of threads on this, search around and you'll find them. I hear the French place at Epcot is great, also California Grill is great grub on Disney property.

    California Grill
    Disneys Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

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      thanks dr todd- I did search the existing threads on Disney dining and they are very helpful with advice on restaurants through out Disney World- was hoping to focus this question specifically on the EPCOT theme park restaurants rather than Disney restaurants generally. What are your favs?

    2. I used to like the Mexican sit down restaurant and the downstairs French restaurant but this was a few years ago and I heard it has changed. Get a sausage for a snack in Germany!

      1. We were at Disney in April 2010 and the best meal we had during our week long stay was at Coral Reef in Epcot. The setting is great, checking out the giant fish tank....and the food was great. Really interesting fish dishes that were perfectly prepared. My husband and I also ate at California Grill at the COntemporary and while it is touted to be one of the best on property, we found it a bit lacking. Certainly not as good as Coral Reef.
        We also really enjoyed a lunch at Marrakesh in the Moroccan pavillion. The interior was lovely and quite cool after coming in from the sun and the food was great. I had a lamb and couscous dish that was quite tasty. Hope you enjoy whatever you choose!

        California Grill
        Disneys Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

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          I checked this thread for suggestions last night since we went to EPCOT today. The patisserie and Via Napoli had lines out the door so we wound up at Marrakesh for lunch and Coral Reef for dinner.

          Had the M'Rouzia Fassi and braised lambhsank at Marrakesh. The M'Rouzia Fassi is beef simmered w/ prunes, served on fluffy couscous and topped w/ sesame seeds. It's sweet and savory and pretty tasty. The braised lambshank is also served on couscous w/ chickpeas, and big slices of carrots and zucchini. I'd recommend both dishes and the mint tea to wash it down.

          At Coral Reef, we had the catch of the day (Canadian cod) w/ scallops served on mushroom risotto, and mahi mahi w/ rock shrimp on coconut lime rice. Again, both were well prepared and tasty. The food at EPCOT's got the Magic Kingdom beat.

        2. If you have kids in tow, then for dinner I'd do either Via Napoli (if you don't need entertainment) or Biergarten (good food and a fun show plus huge steins of beer). If you do Via Napoli don't let them talk you into over-ordering as the pizzas are bigger than they let on and it's not like you want to carry a to go box with leftovers around a theme park (especially at those prices)

          If no kids, then do one of the two sit-down places in France.

          For lunch, a cool little hidden gem is the sandwich place in France down the alley behind Chef''s de France and Bistro de Paris. Very good jamon et fromage sammies.

          All in all though the food at Epcot is just ok and very expensive, so go for the experience and keep your expectations in line

          1. In Epcot for lunch or a snack check out La Cava del Tequila in Mexico. They have a limited but delicious bar menu - good guac, taquitos, and mini crab tostadas. They also have dozens of tequila and mezcal varieties, and some very good margaritas.

            For a more structured sit-down, good bets are Marrakesh at Morocco and Le Cellier in Canada. I would not recommend either of the restaurants in France, though agree that the bakery and sandwiches are good. Another option for sit-down is to walk from the World Showcase entrance at the back of Epcot over to the restaurants at the Swan or Dolphin. Bluezoo is sporadically good, and the sushi bar there is much better than Tokyo Dining.