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May 31, 2011 08:54 AM

Where can I take a Macaron Cooking Class in Montreal (preferably in English)?

Hi there, My girlfriends and I will be headed to Montreal the weekend of June 18th and we wanted to take a Macaron Cooking Class, while we're there. Since most of us do not speak French, it would be great to find a class in English. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. don't know.

    I've looked at the places I know that could have that (Académie cullinaire, Appetite for Books and Les Touilleurs) and they don't think to have anything like that in june ( but you might have to check again because not all the schedule is done for june).

    You could contact the 2, 3 best macaron places to see if they offer classes (Point G, "Maison Du Macaron", Europea, Esprit Thé), but I would assume that if they offer classes it would be in french.

    good luck.

    1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

    1. Another thing is that macarons are notoriously volatile; warm weather is probably not the best time for most pastry chefs to offer a class, no matter how air-conditioned their places may be!

      And what Max said. Contact places that serve them directly and ask.

      1. One of the guy from Point G and Christophe Morel (Esprit Thé's macarons are from him) offer classes on a regular basis here : but not in english...

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          Same with Atelier Europea, they do offer Macarons classes (the next one being tomorrow night) but nothing planned for the weekend your're traveling to Montreal (and they don't seem to offer any classes on weekend either)

          1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

        2. Thanks so everyone for all your recommendations! I'm getting hungry thinking about macarons =) We looked into all of these options, and unfortunately, there are no classes on the dates that we will be in town, so I think we'll just visit some of the famous macaron shops in town. Thanks again!

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          1. re: yoonilady

            None are really great though if you've had the chance to taste the best in Paris...

            If you're into pastries in general you'll find better things than macarons.

            1. re: Glaff

              some of the macarons at point G are melt in your mouth and half of the appeal are the variety of colours, some have polka dots, and range of intense flavours eg. maison de macaron


              They are certainly more satisfying I think than the cupcake craze and dont fill you up. I dont think we can compare everything in Montreal to Paris as most of us are not over there all the time and want to find some treats in our own city that will not cost us an arm and leg for those pleasures. I love the fact that in Montreal you dont have to trek across the city for food indulgences as these speciality shops and food artisans spring up in different neighbourhoods.

              1. re: wilmagrace

                I was just saying that because a lot of people who are specifically looking for macarons are the one that tries to find back what they had in Paris... and it's a comment we often hears.

                And that's probably the only thing I'm comparing to Paris... ;) Despite what some people say, it's still one of the most difficult pastry to do REALLY well. I've tried them all (except Café Birks) and believe me, I've had a lot of dry macarons... and being served a dry macarons is like being served a 3 day old croissant... which I find not really acceptable.

                I'm curious to try the one at Café Birks though... it seems like a popular place so I'd imagine they sell a lot and maybe always have fresh ones.

                1. re: Glaff

                  "I'm curious to try the one at Café Birks though"

                  Probably comes from the Europea kitchen... (same owners)

                  1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

                  1. re: Maximilien

                    Most of the prep cooking for Cafe Birks is done at Europea and then finished at Cafe Birks, with a lot of sous-vide, in order to avoid to install a huge ventilation system and odours in a shop like Birks, so it is certainly the same for the Macarons

                    1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

                    1. re: westaust

                      Yeah but I was under the impression that they were now made by Roland Del Monte at Café Birks (the flavors look different), but you're probably right.

            2. re: yoonilady

              How many are you? Guilde culinaire does private classes. If I were you, I would call and see If something could be arranged before giving up on the idea. I am sure they will have no trouble finding you an English speaking instructor.


              1. re: hala

                They have one here it seems but it's french and in Laval and April 21st 2012...might be useful for others though.