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May 31, 2011 08:17 AM

Chuck's Day Off

I was all set to dislike another over-enthusiastic chef tv show and then...I found myself liking the guy. Even better, his recipes are ones I can actually imagine doing. He reminds me a little of Jamie Oliver. Anyone else like him? Do you know anything about his story? I don't know much except for what i gleaned off the show.


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  1. I agree that I like his show and a lot of recipes look very good.

    He is the chef/owner of a restaurant in Montreal called Garde Manger. He was on Iron Chef earlier this year and beat Bobby Flay. He is going to compete in the Next Iron Chef competition coming up later this year.

    You can find a lot of references to him on this board.

    1. Oh I'm a big fan of Chuck and his CC show. I had never heard of him before CC came to my tv provider and I liked his approachable enthusiasm immediately. I've made a number of his on air dishes ie: tomato-cheese tart, caramel, brisket, his hangover shake and followed many of his tips. The tomato cheese tart is on my regular party rotation now. As for his back story there are plenty of links over the net about his culinary experience.

      I also like Bill as in Bill's Food an Aussie with a delicate approach to food. Very interesting guy. Have you caught Bill on CC yet?

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      1. re: HillJ

        I've had his cookbooks for awhile.
        I also like Luke's Vietnam.
        There is something really great about the shows tat are a little less...LOUD. They do seem to originate from Australia, Canada, etc..

        1. re: Westy

          Ooohhhh...I do like Luke's Vietnam as well. I find the food so fresh and tasty looking and always cracks me up when he's demonstrating and the grandma in the background is yelling something at him and he translates that he's getting in trouble for doing something the "wrong" way.

          1. re: bdachow

            I'm so glad you mentioned Luke, I'm also a fan. I love the episode when he's on the river in a canoe with his hot plate going full blast. What a riot he is! Outdoor locations are a nice departure from studio shows.

      2. I dig this Chuck dude. His food sounds good and he's not over the top. That's all it takes to reel me in.

        1. Love Chuck's show. He is rather inventive. I found the potato rissoto unique and actually plan to make it. Chuck is very likeable and does not come across as condescending, what a refreshing twist.

          1. I like Chuck! (and that Bill guy, too!). Love his enthusiasm and personality. He's unique and although he's a restaurant chef, he offers dishes that I think I can make, and I like that the recipes are just a bit of a challenge, but not out of reach. It's a hard line to tow, but he manages to do it.
            Now, compare him to Rocco, another young gun, good looking hot chef who got his own show and was such a big prick, he imploded. He was anathema for a while, and is still trying to claw his way back into the graces of several networks. He was so ego-driven and conceded.
            Rocco now seems to be reinventing himself as a more humble, health-driven chef.
            Chuck seems to be a guy who has gotten over himself already, and that's very likable.

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            1. re: monavano

              As long as you're not referencing David Rocco, another enjoyable guy from CC...I love Dolce Vita.

              1. re: HillJ

                Oh no!....Rocco DiSpirito. David Rocco is a cool cooking dude. Would love to hang.

                1. re: monavano

                  Cool. The two Rocco's couldn't be more different, that's why I asked :)

              2. re: monavano

                Perfect! I could not agree more: His recipes are exactly that - a challenge, but not impossible. Well said!

                1. re: Westy

                  (he's so much easier to watch than Secrets of a Restaurant Chef ;-))