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May 31, 2011 07:25 AM

Best Restaurant Lemonade Hunt

On the hunt for the best glass of lemonade in Atlanta. Stand-outs, twisted additions or unusual preparations are a plus... alcoholic or non. (I am guessing that a good glass of ANYTHING in Atlanta is gonna have booze in it. ;)

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  1. Chick-Fil-A is very hard to beat and (around here) very easy to find. Somewhere, I remember reading that they were the largest consumer of fresh lemons in the country.

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      I like the diet lemonade, too (I know, blasphemy). Have no idea of the provenance, but I mixed the lemonade and green/herbal tea at Heirloom BBQ Market today and thought that was pretty good.

      1. re: Milt

        Really? I didn't know they had fresh lemonade, and to think how many times I drive by!

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          Amen, brother. Particularly the diet. And free refills. Plus it is Atlanta based....drink up and stay thirsty, my friend.

        2. Ecco has an alcoholic beverage called lemonade provencal (last I went, it was no longer on the menu but you can ask for it)- a tart lemonade w/ vodka, hint of lavender and a sugared lemon peel, which is my favorite part.

          40 7th Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306

          1. Ted's Montana Grill has yummy lemonade!

            1. As a huge citrus drink fan, I can say that I absolutely love the Homemade Lime Soda at Rise-n-Dine in Emory Village. I know it's not Lemonade, but man is it refreshing and tart. There's just enough fizz, the perfect amount of sweetness. Honestly, I want one right now.