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May 31, 2011 06:33 AM

Shipping food to a summer place

I want to find a vendor who will ship food to a remote place where we will be staying as four couples and several children. We need already-cooked meat dishes that we can serve and eat cold. And we need them sent in refrigerated boxes. It's not all that remote - UPS delivers and there is electricity and refrigeration. It's remote from Jewish/kosher facilities. And the travel logistics are such that i don't particularly want to have to schlep a lot of cooler chests. That's why I want a caterer who is accustomed to shipping several days worth of cooked food. In the northeast.

Who does this well? (cooking and shipping)

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  1. We had food shipped via Fedex by King David Deli in Cedarhurst NY to the timeshare in Orlando Fl. we were staying at about 3 years ago. I'm sure almost any Kosher Restaurant can do this.

    1. Try Noah's Ark in Teaneck. I went to Winston-Salem on business a while back and they shipped food I ate each day.

      1. AdinaA, will ship any of their items directly to your door, wherever that door is located. You might check the deli there. It's more of an actual grocery, but if they cannot help you it's possible that you can contact them for a more appropriate recommend.

          1. I've had good luck with kosher marketplace. I've also had good luck with shelly's/noah's ark in Teaneck but I find the food from KMP to be a little better and higher quality. The benefit of noah's ark is that you can get the shelly's food which is milchigs and if you are eating it cold, its more delicious IMHO. We even got a few pizzas which they wrapped/froze by the slice for us and that could be good for the kids. Hatzlacha!!