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May 30, 2011 08:18 PM

Kaffir lime 90018 zip

Don't know if this is the correct spot, but can anyone tell me where I can purchase a Kaffir lime tree locally?

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  1. I got mine at 99 Ranch years and years ago. You might also try any supermarket that serves the local Thai community. Many ethnic markets carry a small amount of often sought after agricultural specimens at or near the front end of the markets. If this fails, you can also try well stocked nurseries. These are becoming very rare as home centers are pushing most mom & pops out of business. I live in the Westside - Marina Gardens might have it and if not, they probably can order it.

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    1. re: bulavinaka

      Thanks, I've asked at the local Thai markets only to be pointed to the leaves.

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        Check with Hashimoto Nursery in the "Little Osaka" Sawtelle neighborhood: and while you are there have lunch at one of the great local Japanese restaurants.

        1. re: Servorg

          Cool, thanks;-)
          I've never been to Sawtelle, but I think I have quite a few yelpmarks

    2. Not your zip code, but I know they usually have them at San Gabriel Nursery. Hopefully you're a native angeleno and used to driving for anything.

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        LOL!!! Transplanted Palo Altan~now very used to driving, and driving and..................

      2. I got mine at the OSH hardware store near Bundy & Olympic. I think it was less than $25. They also guarantee their plants for life, so if it dies, they take it back and replace it.

        Strongly suggest calling and ordering over the phone -- they don't always have them in stock, but are really helpful when they have an order in hand.

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          Cool, you know I didn't even think of them!