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May 30, 2011 07:49 PM

What do you do with "Hot Dog Water"?

You know, the water that you use to boil hot dogs (assuming you boil them)?

Seems like such a waste to just dump it.

I'm thinking Hot Dog Water might be good for making oatmeal, grits, or even cooking things like pasta and rice maybe?

What about using it as part of a brine solution? I'd imagine you could let it cool, add some more salt and aromatics of your choosing, and use it to brine pork chops or loin. It's a natural match, right? Pork on pork!

Along the same lines, could you use it as poaching liquid? Poached eggs in Hot Dog Water?

Your thoughts?

Do you use Hot Dog Water?

Or is that too (how do you say?) gauche for you?

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  1. Great idea although I've not used it before but am thinking why not use it to make mashed or boiled potatoes, maybe along with some cabbage in it ? Other ideas include making a gravy with it, adding as the liquid in a soup, simmer corn on the cob in it or other veggie. Poaching eggs in it may not give much flavor unless it's strongly flavored but I've poached eggs in the juice from a cooked ham so why wouldn't it work?

    1. You piqued my curiosity - in my mind the "brine" would be perhaps too diffuse to be real meaningful.. but if you cooked a LOT of dogs... and then reduced the liquid to concentrate it.. you'd have *something*.. but what? It'd be fat from the dogs in suspension.. and some salt... and a little of the spices in dogs (which I don't know what spices make up a dog)... so I still don't know how flavorful the result would be.. would probably be a little tasteless. But poaching eggs- a good idea you have.. grits... sure.. making pasta for mac-n-cheese? sure... worth playing with I suppose just to rule it out. And if works- you're a genius. You can call it something like court bouillon aux chien chaud.

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        Cherylptw and e_bone,

        I'm going to try some iterations in the next few days and report back.

        Tomorrow morning? Oatmeal with Hot Dog Water! And a poached egg (in Hot Dog Water) on top of the oatmeal!

      2. on the rare occasion when i do boil them...i just dump the water in the sink....

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          1. If you have some rice and any leftover hot dogs, how about hot dog risotto?

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              With shaved Perigord truffles?

              1. re: DPGood

                Hot Dog Risotto ... Batali would be proud.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  There's a song you can google, "Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise", that has a line "And you really must try/ My hot dog pie". A variant of Hot Dog Risotto....

                2. re: DPGood

                  I've made Bratwurst risotto and used a hefeweisen instead of wine... I was cooking it for someone else, he loved it! Hot dog water might have elevated that dish :P