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May 30, 2011 06:52 PM

Cold soup to bring to an elderly neighbor's tomorrow for dinner?

She says she has bread & cheese there. Any simple, dependable suggestions? Something with spinach? Asparagus? Borscht or vichyssoise seem better suited to the woman than, say, gazpacho... I don't want to do a fruit. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. Asparagus soup is excellent cold (just onion, asparagus, potato, broth, purée, strain, add cream, chill). It is also the most glorious color of green.
    I made a cold tomato and tangerine soup this weekend - add 1 28 oz can tomatoes to 1 onion and 1 carrot sweated in butter, add 1/2 can water, cook 30 mins, purée, strain, add grated rind of 1 tangerine and the juice of 2, chill. Added a bit of cayenne, about a tsp of soy sauce and the same of black vinegar too, could be omitted. Can be made with oranges too. We liked it a lot.

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    1. re: buttertart

      Good heavens, that sounds amazing. And totally unique. Are tangerines available at this time of year?

      1. re: c oliver

        They seem to be available almost all year round here in the metro NJ-NY area these days. I think of them as a winter fruit too. Recipe is a spinoff of a Jane Grigson one in her "Vegetable Book" (hers has oranges). It's also very good hot.

        1. re: buttertart

          Got me to thinking. I juiced a bunch of mandarin oranges and froze a while back. I'm thinking about making this using some of that juice. Wouldn't have the zest but the flavor sounds pretty wow-ish without it. I'm trying to visualize how much juice two tangerines make. Maybe half cup? More? Appreciate your advice as always.

          1. re: c oliver

            I'd say about a half cup. It was fun because they couldn't guess what was in it (he especially is a good cook and very interested in flavors).

    2. I make a cold cucumber soup with peeled, halved, seeded, shredded-on-the-short-side cucumbers, yogurt, green onion, chicken stock and dill. You could use cream or sour cream instead of all, or part of, the yogurt.

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        My husband makes one from Paula Wolfert that's that less the dill, plus a smidge of garlic, and plus minced walnuts. Delicious.

      2. Pea soup with lemon cream is delicious. I made it last year, adapted from various sources online (some with mint--mine was mintless, though). Avocado soup is great, too--you'll find lots of recipes on this board. >>^..^<<

        1. Thanks, thanks all! I ended up having to leave the house this morning before I had heard from any of you wise folks, so I went with Lee Bailey's asparagus soup - asparagus, onion, leeks, celery, potato, chicken stock, a tiny bit of half & half. It sounded like it would be fine & comprehensible food for the occasion. I'm really looking forward to trying the other responses, though. I don't make cold soups all that often; I don't have much of a repertoire and it doesn't occur to me. But perhaps now it will - all these sound great.

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          1. re: THewat

            Small victory: the soup was very well received. The Bailey recipe is easy & the soup is classic and delicious; I look forward to making it again. It comes out of Soup Meals - I want to go back & see what other good things I've been missing.

            1. re: THewat

              That sounds pretty much like mine except I didn't have any leeks the last time I made it. Nice color too, right?

              1. re: buttertart

                I was a little surprised by the method - he cooks the asparagus tips, onion, leeks, celery & potato in butter over very low heat, while simmering the asparagus stalks in chicken broth for half an hour. Strain & discard stalks, puree vegetables & broth together, add lemon juice & a tiny bit of half-and-half to puree. The resulting texture is very smooth with not much effort. I served it at just below room temperature & liked it very much that way. Yes, the color was wonderful.

                1. re: THewat

                  That is very interesting with the asparagus broth. Thanks.

                  1. re: THewat

                    Another option for the future could be an avocado mint soup


                    1. re: hala

                      So many of my favorite ingredients in one place! thanks Hala & Kattyeyes for the nudge toward avocado!

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