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May 30, 2011 06:37 PM

Krusteaz multigrain pancake mix

We happened upon a Krusteaz multigrain pancake mix at Sam's Club in Myrtle Beach in February 2011. We absolutely love it....and as is pretty standard in our life, Krusteaz is no longer making it. Can anyone who has enjoyed the multigrain recommended a substitute.

I read somewhere that Coach's Oats pancake mix might be a good substitute but the company tells me it isn't stocked any further East than New Mexico.....which doesn't help this Frederick, MD girl at all.

Mary Ellen

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  1. Never mind. I belatedly thought to search the site. I really like the multigrain so I think we're going to try Red Mill's 10 grain if I can find it. I know most chows don't care for instant anything but I've tasted Quaker's Hearty Grain Apple and Almond and it's really quite nice for a quick breakfast though I make it with just a tad bit more water. It's got a strong grain (rye?) taste I believe. I lost my senses of taste and smell 2 years ago (and I'm a diabetic) so eating is a challenge. Luckily for me, my husband enjoys strongly seasoned foods. With enough seasoning I can get some taste. Indian is becoming one of our favorites.

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