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May 30, 2011 06:27 PM

Feasts,Fairs, Carnivals -2011

Anyone have scheduled dates for these events. St Sophia begins next weekend I think


Repost from previous year.....

It is late in the season to start such a topic, but I thought about this today while visiting St Sophia's Fair today in Trooper PA on Rte 363. Wife an I visited the Big Tent at Sophia's Greek Orthodox church and had authentic Gyro sandwiches- maybe the best I ever had. Thin sliced lamb and beef, fresh onion and tomato and homemade thaziki sauce on a fresh warmed pita. Finished w some fried dough drizzled w/ honey and nuts.. Many other Greek specialites available.

My question is: What are some of the local fairs, feasts, etc famous for? (What are we missing?) I can start the list. (Maybe we can revive it next spring for the new season....)

Holy Saviour Church- Norristown - Roast Pork Sandwiches
Kimberton Fair, Kimberton - Fresh made donuts
St Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church - Trooper, PA Gyros, greek specialties

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  1. It's in Wilmington but St. Anthony's Feast (this week or next) has good Italian food.

    1. Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bridgeport Feast

      They used to have an OLMC Feast in Norristown, Blackhorse to be exact, that was co-sponsored by the Mount Carmel Sports club... I grew up going to that one, with my grandparents and my Dad working the food stalls... those were memories
      if you want "real" porchetta you have to get there by mid-afternoon early evening on Friday or Saturday. They run out quickly and the regular roast pork sandwich just isn't as good
      the fried dough is no where near what they used to have in Blackhorse.. or maybe that's just my memory playing tricks with me!

      Lansdale has a big beer fest coming up very soon
      looks like there will be lots of breweries (with all that beer, I hope they have some food too


      In August, there's Musikfest in Bethlehem,
      great music of all kinds all over town and they always have good and interesting food

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        Take a look at this thread for a pretty good list of the greek festivals in the area...