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May 30, 2011 04:28 PM

Casual but good near Treetops golf resort [Gaylord, MI]

Posting for a group of 4 men, meat/salad and fish eaters. Nothing greasy and nothing formal. Will have a car and can drive within 20 mins.

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  1. Hmm...I don't mean to be naive, but where, exactly, is Treetops golf resort?

    1. Bennethum's Northern Inn
      3917 S. Old 27
      Gaylord, MI

      Some people like to check out Big Buck Brewery for their over the top "Up North" hunting lodge vibe, but I'm not a fan of the food or atmosphere. I'd stick with Bennethum's for dinner.

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      1. re: tokyo

        You know what's crazy? When Big Buck Brewery originally opened *ages* ago, it actually was awesome. As it's gone on, it's gotten worse, worse, and worse...until now, when I'm absolutely right there with you on the place. It's just awful.

        1. re: boagman

          Yeah, it's just kind of worn out I think.

      2. What about restaurants at any of the golf courses since they will be golfing elsewhere? So far, they had targeted these:
        Bennethum’s Northern Inn
        Sugar Bowl Restaurant
        El Rancho Mexican Restaurant
        Duck Blind Grille Restaurant At Otsego Club
        Brothers Coffee & Tea
        Loon Golf Resort Restaurant

        Brothers Coffee & Tea
        416 W Main St, Gaylord, MI 49735

        Sugar Bowl
        216 W Main St, Gaylord, MI 49735

        The Duck Blind
        210 Washington St, Kingston Mines, IL 61539

        El Rancho Mexican Restaurant
        390 S Dexter St, Ionia, MI 48846

        Northern Inn
        43673 218th St, Osage, MN 56570

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        1. re: itryalot

          I'll have to let someone else weigh in on the golf resort restaurants. I had a decent meal at the restaurant at Michaywe once and I've been to weddings at Otsego Club, but that's it.
          Ok, here's the thing about northern Michigan. There are *very* few places I feel comfortable recommending as sure bets for a good experience. Many places are great one time and maddening the next. That being said... Brothers Coffee is worth a stop, though I can't vouch for the food. Throw in Big Bear Deli, too, if you need a quick snack or pastry. El Rancho is good if you are craving Mexican food. It isn't the greatest, but it should satisfy, especially for... wait for it... northern Michigan. I hate to keep coming back to that, but it is truly relative. Please, please, do not go to La Senorita if you do decide on Mexican.
          I don't get Sugar Bowl. It has a good reputation, I don't know why. I thought it had jumped the shark 15 years ago, but I still hear people recommending it. I think it's overpriced and maybe just resting on accolades from years past. Long, long past. But some people really like those old school places where nothing has changed for aeons.

          1535 Opal Lake Rd, Gaylord, MI 49735

          1. re: tokyo

            I am getting that same sense just doing some quick searches. At this point, they'd drive even for some...dare I say it....chain restaurant with consistent food where they know what they are going to get.
            I appreciate the honesty.

            1. re: itryalot

              How many meals will they be venturing out for? That would factor into the suggestions, I suppose. Bennethum's would definitely be better than chain food. Big Bear and Brothers are good stops because they're quick and they give you some local flavor. Even if you catch them on a bad day, it's not like shelling out $30 and an hour of your life for a bad meal. You'll figure, 'meh', and move on. On the other hand, you could be pleasantly surprised. For the most part, when a visitor to the area leaves a with a good memory of a restaurant, it's *usually* because of the atmosphere or feeling that place evokes for the person, not because of great food. Don't get me wrong, it's possible to get good food, but great is hit or miss.

        2. Beware of the Sugar Bowl, used to be great. Now it's abysmal. Go to the Old Depot, 10 minutes from TreeTops-get soup, perch & a piece of pie. You'll be glad you did!

          Old Depot
          10826 M 32 E, Johannesburg, MI 49751

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          1. re: schaf1

            Will be driving from POrt Huron. Is there a good grocer we should stop at? Will have a kitchenette. Libations and iced tea, some fruit and snacks for the morning.

            1. re: itryalot

              There is a Meijer in Gaylord that should cover it.

          2. The original comment has been removed