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Vegan coming to Edmonton

Pacific Northwest vegan hound coming to Edmonton for a conference and staying here


without a vehicle and likely dining alone. Willing to take cab within reason.

I live for vegan-centric cuisine but can get by with vegan-tolerant venues. What are my options? Any options in this mall which seems to be connected with the hotel? Thanks in advance!

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  1. climerdoc:

    I am neither a vegan nor even a vegetarian so my advice is wholly "second hand".

    3 spots which come to mind are Padmandadi which is north of downtown @ about 107 Avenue and 101st Street, Cafe Mosaics (there used to be a version in "da Mall" but it has long since gone) on 108th Street and Whyte Avenue on the southside and the Oriental Veggie House which is in the area of Chinatown north of 105th Avenue and 100 Street.

    None unfortunately are close to the "da Mall" .

    I have no idea if there are options in WEM however the restaurant in Fantasyland was renovated and the one time we ate there it was quite good.

    I understand that most of the better restaurants in town are quite obliging particularly if you were to phone them in advance and explain your preferences

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      There's also Planet Organic Market but neither location is near the Fantasyland hotel/ West Ed Mall. http://www.planetorganic.ca/ourstores...

      Planet Organic Market
      4625 Varsity Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3A, CA

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        Thanks for the recs Bob Mac

        Which are the better restaurants that are quite obliging that you are referring to?

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          Quick FYI: Oriental Veggie House is gone. While searching for confirmation of its demise, I came across this recent article which had some other interesting local Vegetarian suggestions:


          I have to second Padmanadi. It is fantastic. Even my most resolutely carnivorous friends love it. The curry "chicken" is delicious, and the service is always super friendly.

          10740 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3, CA

        2. Cafe Mosaics has diner/lunch-ish food like sandwiches, burritos, tofu loaf and chili. It's pretty good, though.
          And the street it's on, Whyte (or 82) Avenue, has some street life and makes for an interesting walk. If you come on a Saturday you'll also be able to get some treats at the Strathcona Farmer's Market (83 Av & 103 St). Great olives at Olive Me.
          I'm not sure how much cab fare will be, but there is a bus (route 4) between West Edmonton Mall and Whyte Avenue every 15 minutes. Unfortunately it's a 40-minute trip.

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            Cafe Mosaics sounds quite appealing! I'm not sure I'll be up for a 40-minute trip each way after slogging through an 8-hour conference day though. Wish I had another day to dedicate to exploration.

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              If you want to stay in the mall area, and don't mind eating at a (nice) chain restaurant, you could try Cactus Club cafe. Here's a post on it from a vegan: http://charskitchen.blogspot.com/2010...

          2. Check out The Blue Plate Diner www.blueplatediner.ca which is downtown. They have some nice vegan options.

            Blue Plate Diner
            10145 - 104 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Z9, CA

            1. I would urge you to try Padmanadi. Indonesian vegetarian. Sublimely delicious. They moved to thier new location which is bright, clean and funky. Thier bakmi goreng ( noodles are chewy and delicious). Curry "Mutton"- creamy, balanced with hints of kaffir lime leaf. And if you like
              mushrooms, thier 3 mushroom dish is heavenly.

              And thier desserts are awesome too.

              I moved away from Edmonton and every time I visit, a trip to Padmanadi is a must. I am always campaigning for friends to go there, vegetarian or not. I do get funny looks but you know what, great food is great food- whether it has meat or not. And I am not a vegetarian. And I have no affiliation with the restaurant other than I used to live in the region.

              10740 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3, CA

              1. I'm a longtime vegan who lived in Edmonton up until January of 2011... slim options in/around the mall but these are my recommendations:

                In the mall:

                Cafe Levi on Europa Boulevard is a little kiosk that has some good hummus, pita, and other Israeli vegan offerings. Not all vegan, but a few substantial not-a-salad kind of items.

                Harvey's is fast food in one of the food courts, and they have a decent veggie burger that is vegan, including the bun. You get to customize your own toppings, so there won't be any confusion with the "no mayo" thing.

                Tokyo Express sushi is... fast food sushi at yet another food court within the mall. I find that any avocado maki is decent, and cheap too.

                Boston Pizza, sit down restaurant on Bourbon Street in the mall has vegan pizza crust and sauce, so you can build your own yummy veggie pizza with no cheese. Decent.

                Close to the mall:

                A couple Indian restaurants stand out that are really close to the mall-

                New Asian Village, on 100 ave and 171 or so St - They have a buffet at lunch and dinner, and I've always had good luck with asking someone to point out what's vegan on the buffet. They seem knowledgeable every time I've been in, and there has always been at least a few delicious things to eat.

                Daawat, in Mayfield Common - same as New Asian Village, slightly more vegan friendly and less use of ghee, but a little less tasty, but that's just my opinion. Both are good options.

                La Shish Taouk in Mayfield Common has some wicked falafel, it's a casual eatery where you can sit in a decent atmosphere or do takeout. Good sides too.

                In general:

                There are a few chain fast foodish restaurants where you can get decent vegan food if you're stuck with coworkers - Extreme Pita, Opa! (greek food), TacoTime, Taco Del Mar, Mucho Burrito....

                And, of course, if you have the luxury of time and cab money, visit Padmanadi in Chinatown. Amazing food, staff, everything. I've rarely eaten so much that it's uncomfortable, but I have on many an occasion there. :) Also, Remedy Cafe by the university, great coffee and South Indian vegan food. They even have vegan cheesecake! But these are a bit of a drive from the monolithic Mall. If you're stuck at West Edmonton Mall, you have to make do, but there are options.

                Good luck!!

                Taco Del Mar
                420 2 St SW, Calgary, AB , CA

                Mucho Burrito
                11658 Sarcee Trail NW #104, Calgary, AB T3R 0A1, CA

                10740 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3, CA

                1. Thanks to all the Edmonton Chowhounds for the advice!

                  Just returned home today. With the conference going 8-hours plus each day, it was difficult to motivate to get out of the mall which by the way is quite a spectacle. On top of that, I have a way of overestimating my ability to resist going with "the group" to places where my options are limited. Sometimes being social is more important than eating exactly what I want, I guess.

                  With that this vegan ended up at Mr. Mikes Steakhouse the first night. Nothing Chowish to say about this other than they were gracious about accommodating my needs and made me a vegetable stir fry over rice which was downright decent. I must say though that the steaks my colleagues ate were quite unimpressive looking compared to those my fangs used to tear into in the past.

                  Second night was able to swing the group into going to Cactus Club based on the rec from this thread. Great choice for all involved. I really enjoyed the portabella fajitas with perfectly grilled veges and warm tortillas with freshly-made salsa. My dining partners all enjoyed their meals and the service was pretty good and ambiance very hip and happening. Usually this type of place is not my scene, but given the circumstances it was a real find. Thanks!

                  Found a chain-type place in the foodcourt called Freshii where I ate twice. Fresh ingredients allowed to stand on their own in the form of salads, soups and wraps. Again, not a place I would typically seek out but under the circumstances a real winner. For anyone who watched the reality show, The Next Great restaurant, this seems like what the contestant Stephanie unsuccessfully was attempting to achieve.

                  The mall itself is quite a spectacle. I stayed at the hotel for 3-days and never got a chance to leave the mall. I'm sure Edmonton is a great town and I'd like to come back to explore it along with some of the restaurants in the future. I'm still amazed that I spent 3-days of my life in a shopping mall and I don't even enjoy shopping.

                  Cactus Club Cafe
                  7010 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0L3, CA