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May 30, 2011 03:20 PM

Mexican in Wellington

Just wondering what people suggest for Mexican food in Wellington..
Have tried Boca Loca in Miramar (not bad), Flying Burrito Brothers (yuck), Sweet Mother's Kitchen (not really Mexican..) and the only spot worth going back to is the Taco Shop in the left bank (off Cuba St.), but unfortunately they only seem to be open when they feel like it.
Any other suggestions?


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  1. Well there's one in Newtown, opposite the hospital.... I cant think of any shining stars in terms of Mexican places though. Further up in Newtown there's a Chilean place- I know its not Mexico but thinking laterally a bit... maybe worth a try. I think the food market down near te papa has a mexican stand- or it used to anyway.

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      Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately that place in Newtown has closed and the building has been demolished with no word where the Mexican Cafe has moved to!

      1. re: aventureambigue

        Well- hate to say it but I had take out from there once- and it wasnt too memorable anyway. praps you should open one :)

    2. Just remembered- although its not in wellington, and its all rather random- but if you venture out for a strange day out, one place you could try is the blueberry farm in upper hutt, where you can pick blueberries, swim in the river and eat mexican food thats cooked by a mexican lady in a little shack type place. Mexican people like it, i'm told. i cant comment on the food, as when i went my sister wouldn't eat there, it was a little rustic for her taste i'm sorry to say.