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May 30, 2011 01:10 PM

Purple Asparagus, sweet?

I saw purple asparagus from Peru while shopping today and was curious, but not willing to buy it without knowing more about it. According to several websites, it has a 20% higher sugar content than green asparagus and the taste is described as "sweet". Now I'm not so sure I want to try it as I think there is a very good reason you won't find asparagus flavored candy on the shelves. Looking for some feedback from those who've tried it.

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  1. Purple asparagus tastes like green to me. And once you cook it--it will turn green as well.

    Very fresh asparagus (like that from my mother's garden) is slightly sweeter than the store-bought stuff, but it's not actually sweet like candy.

    1. Echoing dct, purple asparagus tastes no different than green to me, is green inside when raw, and green inside and out once cooked.

      Asparagus is something I tend to only buy when it's locally in season, and what I get from the farmers' market is very fresh, tender, and has some sweetness, but it's not sweet like sweet vegetables (corn, sugar snaps, sweet peppers) are sweet.

      1. I saw some today at my local chain. It was $6/lb. vs. $3/lb. for green. I bought green, and after seeing the rsponses, I likely won't buy it anytime soon. Thanks for the timely question.

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          Agreed. If its no different from green asparagus and twice the price I won't bother.