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May 30, 2011 12:54 PM

Canada Dry Golden Cockerel Ginger Beer -- still in production? Or has it been phased out?

Yes, I must confess a minor addiction to this soft drink. After years of being disappointed with ginger ale, when I moved to Canada, my husband introduced me to this fizzy sharp beauty. We bought enough for a while there--when it was on sale at Provigo--to keep downstairs, but now we've noticed that Canada Dry has rejiggered their packaging for all of their products, except Golden Cockerel. Which means we're not finding it anywhere.

Has anyone else seen it around? Is it just beverage suppliers in Quebec that have stopped stocking it? I hope not.

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    1. re: TuteTibiImperes

      22.95 for a twelve-pack will make my spouse cry.

      I suppose I could ask the actual grocery store whether they will order it or if they can tell me whom they used to get it from.

    2. I've seen some at superC as lately as 2weeks ago in montreal, can't say though if it was old packs or not

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      1. re: westaust

        One Super C I hit didn't have it, but there are always others I can try to check. If I find it in a store, I'm buying the hell out of it.

      2. Dr Pepper Snapple Group now sell Canada Dry and they seem to have stopped making Canada Dry brand golden ginger ale, and just have kept Sussex as their golden ginger ale.