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May 30, 2011 12:42 PM

Tooling to Nashville and then tp memphis from NJ I have 2weeks and want to experience down home cooking

I intend to go down by way of I-81 into I- 68 past Charleston down I64 through Lexington . Am I better off going through Knoxville i- 75 into 40 or Bowling Green I 65. I intend to go back by way of 40 into I80 and maybe stay in Staunton. It is just my wife and I. She's never been down south by car She's more interested in the sightseeing and music, bluegrass rock jazz country etc and I want to eat my way and enjoy southern cooking Bur goo,Fried chicken BBQ preferably ribs , local restaurants with farm fresh vegetables etc. I want her to experience the cuisine and flavors that we never get up north. I am interested in good food and good times along the way and am very willing to take side trips. i need places that aren't in the AAA guide. I'd really like a list of restaurants, dive diners etc on the way if possible can you break them down by interstates and places along the way? it will be extremely appreciated .

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