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May 30, 2011 12:16 PM

NYChound in PDX needs brunch rec for 10 adults + 3 infants

We will be in the western suburbs (Milwaukie, Sunnyside, Happy Valley) Sunday, June 5th. There will be 10 adults, 3 infants. We are looking for a nice brunch to celebrate a high school graduate. We must be able to make reservations, goal would be $30-40pp (no bar tab), and kid friendly is a must.

Would love to hear what the PDX Chow crowd has to suggest.

Thanks a ton!

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  1. the first thing you'll need to do is come to the realization that you need to drive into Portland.

    after that, decide if you want traditional American brunch or if Chinese Dim Sum or the like is acceptable(this will keep you much closer to where you are located and easily accommodate your group size).

    after you figure these things out, come back to us(hopefully you can do some google searching yourself and pick a few places out that look appealing. the biggest complaint you will see on this board is out of towners coming on and looking for blind recommendations. please, not to offend, but do a bit of research and show us that you aren't just looking for us all to do your leg work.)and I am sure you will get a useful response.

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    1. re: nkeane

      I am willing to go downtown, but clearly staying in the east (sorry about mistakenly saying west earlier) suburbs is preferred. See, nkeane, the problem is that Milwaukie, Sunnyside, Happy Valley don't make many appearances on this board, so an out-of-towner like myself decided to ask. PDX choices are abundant. In fact, in Food & Wine tonight I saw three recommendations for great downtown options, but I did mention that we are transporting 10 adults and 3 infants, so near the house/hotel is preferred.

      Any brunch, that is celebration worthy, no in a mall, with reasonable prices American fare or Dim Sum would be welcome.

      1. re: mjindrich

        like I said, no offense was meant.

        that being said, there is a good reason(s) why where you will be has not been mentioned on the board......there is nothing hound-worthy to be had.

        as far as Dim Sum goes, Wong's King, Ocean City, Good Taste are all good examples. They are all up /in the 82nd Ave. portion of east Portland. So roughly 10-15 min from your general location.

        There is absolutely NOTHING in your immediate location that is worthy of a rec. sorry.

        Wong's King Restaurant
        310 N Broadway St, Estacada, OR 97023

        Ocean City Restaurant
        3016 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266

        1. re: mjindrich

          OK, let me preface this with the fact that I have never been there...and I usually do not make recs like this, but I appreciate the bind you are in, I really do.

          I have heard that TeBo's on 99 in Gladstone (that should be close enough) does a very nice breakfast. It is a "family place" and they have been there for over 57 years, so they must be doing something right. They do all their baking in-house, too.

          If you do want dim sum, it would mean coming into Portland, but to the SE edge of Portland on SE 82nd (downtown is another 15-20 minutes west). BTW, SE 82nd is equivalent to Rte 213 and 99 is also known as McLoughlin, to orient you to two major N-S routes.

          Best dim sum in town is at Ocean City. Here's the site, map the address and see if that isn't too far for you...parking will be no problem, their lot is huge and there's plenty more street parking. Call ahead for a large party, but it is a banquet hall kind of restaurant, they will be able to accommodate you at one big round table:

          I know there is an Elmer's in Clackamas. They are a local chain, not too thrilling, but you could do worse for breakfast out there, I am sure, and they will be able to handle your group.

          Also, Sellwood (a neighborhood in SE Portland) is not that far either...Hash is there and is a nicer (but kinda small, you'd have to call and ask if they can accommodate you) breakfast place and probably the most chowhoundy/local/sustainable choice closest to you that I know of:

 (craptastic site, sorry


          I'd go Tebo's or dim sum at Ocean City, if I were in your shoes...

          Good luck and congrats to the grad!

          Tebo's Restaurant
          19120 McLoughlin Blvd, Gladstone, OR 97027

          Ocean City Restaurant
          3016 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266

      2. You may want to check out Country Cat
        they are on the eastside,easy to get to, have delicious food and enough space for 10 and infants
        I haven't eaten in Milwaukee except for the tamale place..

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        1. re: cheeseisheaven

          Thanks JillO and cheeseisheaven!

          I am going to suggest Ocean City, The Country Cat, and TeBo's in that order. We will see how adventurous everyone is feeling.

          Being in NYC we love Dim Sum and have great places here. It is a fun group activity and can be a neat eye-opener for those who don't have it regularly.

          Side note, my husband and I are going to make our way to PokPok on our own (; we have heard great things.

          Ocean City Restaurant
          3016 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266

          1. re: mjindrich

            I'm from NYC, moved here 10 years ago...Ocean City is the best WE have, but it is nowhere near as good as most dim sum I ate regularly in Queens even 10 years ago. For example, their dumpling fillings really are great, but the dumpling wrappers they make are kind of thick and lack the finesse of a real master. They do have great chicken feet though, some of the best I have ever had anywhere.

            That's your warning... ;o) If you are going to introduce your local family members to dim sum here, that is probably a good idea, as long as your expectations are within reason, aka not that high.

            Country Cat also has a semi-private seating area that would probably seat you all should ask about that.

            The tamale place cheeseisheaven mentioned in Milwaukie is Casa de Tamales:

            These folks also own the Canby Asparagus Farm, btw.

            Canby Asparagus Farm
            32410 S Needy Rd, Canby, OR 97013