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May 30, 2011 11:51 AM

Barbecue sauce that is sweet but with a little heat

Anyone know of a commercial barbecue sauce that is still sweet like Sweet Baby Rays original but with some heat. Or, have you ever doctored up a sauce to add heat? Add chili pepper or???? Thanks.

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  1. It is so easy to make from scratch. I use catsup, mustard, molasses, cumin, chili in adobo sauce, including sauce, garlic, pepper.

    1. Try Bone Suckin' Sauce - Hot barbecue sauce. It's a good quality commercial sauce. Much better than Sweet Baby Rays or other commercial brands that tend to be too sweet and thick.

      1. I make from scratch but it's also easy to heat up commercial sauce. Just add your favorite hot sauce or hot peppers to it. Around here, Louisiana hot sauce is the favorite.

        1. Jack's Hot and Sweet, from the same guy that owns Jack's BBQ in Nashville. He calls it Texas Hot and Sweet. Dark and sweet like SBR, but has a kick.

          My other suggestion is to consider adding some hot sauce to your Sweet Baby Ray's. You can then control the heat. Stay away from Tabasco and use a hot sauce without too much vinegar.

          1. Srichacha sauce addition to Sweet Baby Ray's to taste.