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May 30, 2011 11:05 AM

One Night in Vienna - outdoors

We will be in Vienna for one night, our first, in the middle of June. Much of the rest of our trip will involve indoor dining and we would like a great experience and weather permitting prefer to be out of doors. Suggestions much appreciated

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  1. There are several choices, provided the weather is really warm:
    1. Go to a heurigen in the outskirts of town: I would recommend Stammersdorf, and there the choice is great, from Wieninger in the village center to Göbel on the top end of the Kellerstrasse.

    A heurigen with a spectacular view over town is Reisenberg in Grinzing:

    If you prefer beer, go to the Schweizerhaus in the Prater:

    2. Go to one of the high end places:
    Steirereck has a wonderful terrace overlooking the Stadtpark, and you might go inside once it gets chilly.

    Palais Coburg also has a garden terrace, although it is no more part of their high-end restaurant.

    The terrace of Do&Co St.Stephen as well as of Settimo Cielo are both overlooking the roofscape of the old town.

    3. Go to one of the cozy plaza, courtyard or garden places, where location as well as food are providing an exceptional experience:

    - In the city there is a great outdoor dining on Judenplatz, right beside the Holocaust memorial. There you find mediterrean cuisine at Ella´s and Viennese beisl classics at Zum Scherer. Not to forget Zum Finsteren Stern in the pittoresque Schulhof just around the corner from Judenplatz...

    - A little bit out of the city is Glacisbeisl in the Museumsquartier, or Zum Gaumenspiegl in Zieglergasse. Again the Glacisbeisl has traditional cuisine, Gaumenspiel is one of the more modern, inventive and exciting places.

    - The best traditional garden dining is at Eckel in Sievering. This restaurant has not changed much through the four generations of the family Eckel, and is definitely a must for anyone interested in the old world and their traditions.

    - Quite the opposite is Freyenstein in Thimiggasse. Formerly a run-down beisl with a large garden it is now a fascinating location offering a extremely interesting variation of Viennese cuisine in a tasting menu for everybody:

    And for something completely different: there is also a waterfront restaurant located in a boat rental on the Alte Donau, which offers moonlight boat picnics:

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      Based on the above recommendation we went to Do&Co and have a most wonderful evening. The The terrace, the view the food and the service all were very good. Thank you

    2. And for the ultimate al fresco experience late at night don't forget the old Wurstlstands!