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May 30, 2011 09:48 AM

OP's in Houston

Does anybody besides me get the impression that there are only about 20 people who post on the Houston board

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  1. I think that is often true. This seems to be the same on other boards as well. Houston has a group of foodies that call themselves (oddly) the Houston Chowhounds (no relation to this board). I think that possibly because they have their own private board that many do not post here.

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      i often post here and at the b4ueat site.. I really rely on the feedback of others here and b4ueat to keep me motivated to try new restaurants because its very easy to fall into the same wonderful routine of 3-5 restaurants over and over again... Often when i travel outside of Houston,, I hunt for the foodie choices in other cities,, whether south tx, socalif or ny/nj..