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May 30, 2011 09:38 AM

Bulk Olive Oil (in a can)

Does anyone know of a good online vendor to get large cans of good extra virgin olive oil? I like 3L-5L cans. Previously I got the Marca Verde from Sur la Table, but I don't think they offer the cans anymore. I got a 5L can for $30 last time. I am having a tough time finding a good value like that.

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  1. don't know where you live but if you have any middle eastern stores you may find Solon, which is a very good, inexpensive, all purpose olive oil.

    1. There is this 'Halal Food Market' in Berkeley nearby. I went in there a while ago to get some VERY high quality (and reasonably priced) Lebanese olive oil, and asked the owner what the overall best olive oil was. He said it was this Zatoun Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil that they had on the shelf, and it was in one of those large cans, and priced at a little over twenty dollars. I have yet to try it; you can Google for the Zatoun online site, but all I see there is the bottled version. I suggest, maybe, calling the Halal people and inquiring how you can obtain one of those big cans.. (510) 845-2000

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        Thanks for the tips. I'm bummed because an Italian restaurant with a market area went out of business, and they used to be my supplier.

      2. I agree that Mediterranean, or European markets have great buys on bulk olive oil. Cost Plus World Market is another place to check.

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            what with the pouty-lipped model on the Star label??? hi-larious!

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              Have used one of those cans as a houseplant planter for years.... The Kirkland oil is excellent and usually available at all warehouses.

            2. re: ipsedixit

              Kirkland olive oil is an excellent value. Very fruity and similar to some Spanish oils. I noticed the label says "Made from olives grown in Italy" instead of the usual "Packed in Italy" which means the oil could have been produced just about anywhere and then shipped to Italy where all they do is put it into containers.

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                I considered the Kirkland, but I wasn't near a Costco. In the end I got three 1 liter cans of Sciabica out of California. I thought I would try smaller units to maintain freshness instead of one big can. They also gave a 10% discount if you buy three cans because they discontinued their 3L can. They even had really good shipping rates.


                With that said, here are some other sites I considered. They all had big cans in 3L and 5L and seemed reasonably priced, though I didn't check the shipping on all of them.




              2. re: ipsedixit

                Another Kirkland fan here. It is a great value for a mild oil that we use daily. I like that can, though. May need to try that one.

              3. Fairway is going to go the online shopping route in a month or so, from what I hear. They have some very delicious house brand at a decent price.