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May 30, 2011 09:25 AM

Anything new in the Dordogne/Lot

Heading back to the Dordogne this summer. Any new restaurants or bistros pop up over the winter worth a visit. Thanks for the update.

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  1. The threads on them have been quite uptodate.

    1. In addition to the recent threads, I would add info on two restuarants in Brantome. The Freres Charbonnel (on its 4th generation owners, in Michelin Centenary Edition a few year ago) has a new chef, who is supposedly excellent [recent credentials Dubai and the Moulin de l'Abbaye (which has declined since its recent takeover)] . Haven't made it there yet myself, but feedback from French neighbours is good.
      Went myself to Les Saveurs (one knife/fork Michelin). Excellent foie gras saute over a peach tart Tatin, carmelized sweetbreads, bass with fresh morilles, millefeuille of fresh artichokes and goat cheese, sandre with sauce ecrevisses, etc. Simply cooked food but fresh. Reasonable a la carte and menus at 28, 32, 39 and 45 euros, all appetising - even the 28 didn't seem like a cop-out. Would recommend to any foodie - the service is charming and local (women).

      1. I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but we really like La Gabarre, in St Julien de Lampon, which opened summer 2010. Particularly nice in good weather, as the terrace overlooks the Dordogne, (what there is left of it during this drought). Ludovic worked at the Grand Bleu in Sarlat when they were getting their Michelin star, Valentine is delightful front of house.

        They do a cheaper menu during the week at lunch, but also menus from 19-34 Euros - typical menu on their site

        They also do cooking ateliers, for those who speak French. We went to the last on, specializing in Saffron - becoming a specialty of the area.
        Shrimp ravioli with saffron broth
        Roast veal with tiny vegetable in saffron sauce, potatoes Anna
        Saffron macaroon
        All delicate flavours, and a good time was had by all - we ate what we had cooked.

        June 27 they are doing an Atelier Pique Nique.

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          Just to confirm another enthusiastic thumbs up for La Gabarre. Three meals there and everything first rate. The setting is quite lovely. The food is consistently excellent and Valentine who runs the front of the house is a delight. carlux we drove through your town. very impressive,.!

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            Not a bad place we live in! We've been here 17 years, and never a regret.

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              Driving around in the rain today stopped in at Restaurant Les Pres Gaillardou outside La Roque Gageac. No plan just cosmic restaurant vibe that it might be good. Excellent meal at a very reasonable 15 euros. The place has a mention in the Michelin come to find out. The dining room is quite nice. Had a very good lentil salad for a starter and then coq au vin foe the plat. Nice discovery. Good place to stop if you are doing the Domme Roque area tour.

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                At La Roque Gageac, there's also La Plume d'Oie, auberge and restaurant that I've stopped at twice in the last 2-3 years. Food is excellent (I loved the raviolis aux langoustines in some sort of shellfish reduction) and the chef is an englishman who's ran the place for something like 25 years.