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May 30, 2011 08:33 AM

monkey bread

has anyone ever made this? do you have a recipe you could share? the recipes i am seeing all involve using frozen biscuit dough.

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  1. They have kosher frozen biscuit dough at Trader Joe's. :)

    1. Never made this. But it came up quickly while I was looking up what monkey bread was.

      1. Rich challah dough recipes (with honey or sugar and egg yolk and possibly oil in the dough) work for monkey bread. Then you just roll the dough in balls the size of a small egg , dip in melted butter (margerine) and drop into a baking pan. As with a rich challah, you can add raisins or craisins to the dough. And, if you want it to be more like a sticky bun, melt brown sugar in butter or margarine and pour into the bottom of the baking pan or ring (like an upside down cale).

        The line between pull-apart challah and monkey bread is so fuzzy, it doesn't really exist. Like a lot of old recipes, monkey bread and challah have both gotten richer and sweeter.

        1. I haven't made it, but the America's Test Kitchen weekly email linked to a monkey bread recipe a couple of weeks ago. It's still freely available on the site, although it may be restricted at some point in the future.