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May 30, 2011 07:31 AM

Outdoor wood pizza oven

Ok so I always said I wanted an outdoor wood oven and now, in honour of a certain landmark birthday, I'm getting one. I've been looking into some already-assembled oven units that are available and have found a killer deal on a smallish one. The usable interior size is about 24". It comes complete with a door and the chimney is about in the centre of the oven dome. I'm just wondering if anyone with experience with these things can give me any advice. The size is a bit smaller than what I'd had in mind but, on the other hand, it would heat up more quickly than a larger oven. The same company has slightly larger ones as well - 32" interior - which might be worth the extra money. I would still have to build the brick base and wood storage unit, but that's ok. Suggestions or advice anyone?

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  1. I dream of an outdoor pizza oven, so you are very lucky. If the price difference is minimal, get the bigger one!

    1. We had a le Panyol oven built last year (to celebrate our 25th). I can't remember the model number off hand, but it's an oval shape, @ 30x39". I don't think I'd want a smaller one. I can bake 4-5 baguettes at a time, but realistically, only one pizza. We've cooked all kind of things in it, including our Thanksgiving turkey and Easter ham. I don't think the smaller ovens necessarily heat up much faster than a larger residential ovens. Was it expensive? You bet, but I have to say le Panyol makes an awesome oven.

      1. I have a large one. I would NOT. NOT. NOT. get a smaller one. You need room to move things around inside there -and you will probably roast "whole" things before long. Remember that you will typically be having a small fire on the side of the oven *while* the food cooks, it doesn't leave alot of room to turn the food.

        I also bought a Tuscan grill (cast iron) so that I could charcoal grill in there too. It won't fit in a small one. Don't come this far to limit yourself. Go big or go home, baby :) LOL

        1. Deffinitely go with the larger one if you can afford it. Here is a great site (if you haven't already found it) for info on wood fired ovens.

          Someday I hope to build one of these.


          1. Thanks all. I'm leaning toward the 32-inch interior one now. It's $300 to $400 more but I think it will be worth it. And thanksJuniorBalloon - I've looked at that site too. This particular oven is one that's been imported into Ontario from Portugal. The oven unit itself is fully assembled and ready to go onto a base. This would work best for me - my gift consists of $$$, not labour and I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in figuring out how to get one built from scratch.

            Will report on what happens. I'm going to look at the ovens in person later this week.