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May 30, 2011 06:48 AM

Food trucks?

Are there any interesting food trucks operating in Westchester County?

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  1. The closest/best food truck I've ever been to was the BBQ truck in that people line up for in the Bronx.

    I just saw a slew of Korean BBQ/taco/icecream trucks in the city yesterday. SO jealous!

    1. Not yet but I'm sure westchester will soon be flooded with them as they continue to pop up all over NYC.

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      1. re: FatBoySlim914

        Very unlikely in Westchester. Not enough foot traffic.

      2. There is an interesting new hot dog truck on Jackson Ave. near the Sprain. It was just taken over by the former chef or sous chef of Q in Port Chester. Hot dogs are fair but the chili is very good and he told me he is going to expand the menu in the coming months (maybe some BBQ).

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        1. re: silverstarfish

          This is excellent info. Thank you. Sorry, is Jackson Ave. in Yonkers? Also any rough idea when it's there?

          1. re: soozang

            Yes in Yonkers just west of Sprain Pkwy. It used to be Mickey's then Frank's Franks.

          2. re: silverstarfish

            We live right near there and saw a crowd in the lot there on Friday. We'll have to try it out. Thanks for the info!

            There is also a taco truck off Jackson on the southwest side of Saw Mill River Road. No matter when we see it, someone is there ordering. It's been there for years.

            1. re: foodiemom10583

              That's the Pink Panther taco truck. Nothing to go out of the way for but nice to have around.

            2. re: silverstarfish

              I go here almost every morning for breakfast (the old Mickey's spot)and have yet to be disappointed. Yesterday I stopped for lunch for a steak sandwich and it was delicious real steak no steakumm crap

              highy recommended

            3. there are two taco trucks by city park (5th ave) between larchmont and new rochelle, both are pretty good and certainly reasonable. they have been there several years now. if you are near at lunch time worth stopping, but don't go as a destination.i forget there names but i prefer the one further "up" the street closer to new rochelle, but not a tremendous difference between them

              1. Sharion's D'Lish Dish in Yorktown Heights has gotten good press as a gourmet food truck.

                The menu looks interesting:


                And it got a good write up in Small Bites:


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                1. re: dma1250

                  Looks great, I wish they'd drive further south.

                  1. re: Big_Salad

                    how much further south? yonkers is pretty far south

                      1. re: Big_Salad

                        no need you already have a good one at the spot I mentioned

                        1. re: pnyklr

                          Oh, the Jackson Avenue Sprain one? I might try their steak sandwich, what else is there besides chili and hot dogs?

                          1. re: Big_Salad

                            I have the tried the steak as well as the chicken sandwich both very good also breakfast sandwiches are very good not greasy and he remembers me and what I need (I call in my orders in the morning)

                            1. re: pnyklr

                              Ok, you've convinced me. These guys should get a website or just a blog page with hours and a menu.

                              1. re: Big_Salad

                                I believe the hours are 530-530 I will check tomorrow

                                1. re: pnyklr

                                  Thanks (I guess that means they're not open on Sunday)

                                    1. re: pnyklr

                                      There's a terrific food truck in island harbor park in mamaroneck on the weekends

                                      Johnsons - louisiana style food.

                                      I had a really tasty jambalaya and my wife had a very good chile and my son enjoyed his hot dog which was split and had a buttered toasted bun.

                                      Nice guy too.

                                      1. re: mark r

                                        Ok, I'll check this one out too. He's got a website and facebook page, I wish it had a menu/hours (other than a few very tasty looking pictures).

                                      2. re: pnyklr

                                        I was at Jackson Ave's yesterday, had a good bacon cheeseburger and fries. Someone else bought hot dogs which looked nice.