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Cookware from Cutlery and More?

Have any of you ordered cookware from Cutlery and More? They seem to have decent prices with free shipping. I was just wondering how they were to deal with.
I was thinking of ordering an LC pot from there and wondered if they were first runs, seconds, factory outlets?

The website doesn't say either way.

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  1. They sell new, first-quality merchandise. I haven't bought anything from them, though.

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    1. Have ordered 4 different times from them with no problems. Items as described.

      1. Never ordered from them but I can recommend Chef's Resource. I bought my staub from their website. Another site had it cheaper....and they beat that price by a few bucks (I bought it here rather than the other site because they had a few more things I was buying). They have free shipping and the also have le creuset. I am trying to come up with an excuse to buy another piece. I think I want the LC 3.5qt braiser or a 5.5qt round oven. Just don't know what would go nice with my grenadine staub.

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          Shawn, here's a complementary color chart I've found useful in the past. I've never seen any grenadine Staub, so I don't want to make a specific recommendation myself.


          1. re: Jay F

            Thanks Jay.

            BTW...Chef's Resource has an offer for a free le creuset stockpot when you spend a certain amount on LC.

        2. I have always gotten what I paid for. Shipping times have been quick and items properly packed. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

          1. I've bought quite a few items from them. Whenever I have wanted to find out about an item, I have called them. They are definitely professional.

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              Thanks for the replies, I think I will give them a try. I am going for 4.5 qt this time. Next on my list will probably be the 5.5 qt.

              I like to cook in big batches for leftovers or the freezer. Not that I just love leftovers, but when you work everyday, it's nice to have something in the fridge or freezer to warm up.
              I also like one pot kind of meals too. Very convenient.

              I have got to where I absolutely HATE fast food. Left overs may not be ideal, but they are better than fast food.

              So, I am all about round ovens and crock pots. :o)

              1. re: dixiegal

                Hey! In praise of leftovers --

                I'm single, and I usually cook big batches on the weekend and refrigerate/freeze individual portions for lunch at the office. I think lots of dishes taste as good or BETTER the next day (or the next week, or the next month). Some examples: LBJ chili, gumbo, lentil soup, clam chowder, beef stew, spaghetti sauce, and chicken cacciatore.

                PS. I think my 5.5 quart LC is just the right size for this kind of cooking.

                1. re: tanuki soup

                  I'll add another example which I just made yesterday: goulash. It took a great deal of getting ingredients together and keeping all of the instructions in order. We don't make it often, but we do have enough left over for another meal, and it usually tastes better.

            2. I've used them several times and just bought a LC dutch oven from them recently. It came quickly and was packaged very well. The item was not damaged and of good quality.

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                I have ordered from them many times and am completely satisfied. Service is very fast. They are located near Chicago. If I order by noon on Monday, it is shipped that afternoon and I get it via UPS on Wednesday afternoon. It's my preferred online dealer for new, first quality cookware and cutlery.

                Sign up for their emails. They don't send them often but when they do, the prices are good on their email only offers.

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                  I also like MetroKitchen. MK adjusts some of their cookware sets to eliminate that useless 8-inch fry pan and they replace it with a 12-inch.

                  1. re: smkit

                    I'm not sure how an 8-inch fry pan is measured; top edge-to-edge or 'across the bottom,' but a year ago I bought a 7-inch All-Clad French skillet. I've used it -- what for? Well -- let's see; a couple of days ago I pan-roasted the caraway seeds to put into the egg noodles.

                    1. re: Rella

                      I actually use my little #5 lodge cast iron skillets for small serving kind of things. Scramble 2 or 3 eggs, roast a couple of servings of new potatoes in the oven, and its a perfect size for loaf of cornbread, grill cheese sandwich, warm up left over chicken fillet or hamburger pattie, etc.

                      1. re: dixiegal

                        I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply they were completely useless, but in a set when they give you both a 10 inch and an 8 inch fry pan, one of the pans is redundant. Even America's Test Kitchen mentioned this when evaluating sets. Have a 12 and 10 is much more useful than a 10 and 8.

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                          I've found that going by meaurements that different companies promote their skillets/fry pans as being are baffling.

                          I have a lot of frypans. One day I decided to look up in my computer all of the dimensions of the skillets that each company said their particlar pans were that I had bought.

                          One particular reason I did that was because I had bought a new range with a glass cooktop and I wanted a skillet for the largest circle. None fit correctly (for me).

                          What I did find that a skillet could be named a particular inch size, but the base size might be smaller, or much smaller, depending on the configuration.

                          I would agree that when ATK says in evaluating sets that a 12 and 10 are more useful than a 10 or 8. (And is the 8" measured at the base or the top?)

                          I am in the process of measuring some pie/tart plates. Loh! and Behold! Same thing, plus depths.

                          You might for the heck of it, when you are in the stores where they sell sets, take your little tape measurer and keep a few notes, but for the heck of it and have fun while you're at it. It might even change your purchase.

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                            Aren't they always measured at the top?

                          2. re: smkit

                            yea, I see what you mean smkit. A set of cookware should contain basic pieces that will be used most often. I totally agree that 12 and 10 inch skillets to be the most versitile.

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                    Well, I just received my 4.5 qt Kiwi LC oven from Cutlery and More. It was packaged great and looks great too. I ordered it Tue. morining and received it sometime Thur. Can't ask for more than that!
                    I ordered my first LC from an LC Signature store and it took about 4 weeks or so to get it.

                    Thanks for the replies on Cutlery and More. I will probably buy my next LC oven from them.
                    Next on the list............5.5 qt Cobolt blue round oven, to go with my Carribean and my Kiwi pots.
                    (as I begin refilling my LC piggy bank:o))