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May 30, 2011 05:22 AM

Island Creek Oyster Bar vs. Neptune Oyster

OK, I've now had the opportunity to visit Island Creek Oyster Bar (ICOB) three times and have had three flawless experiences.

Been to Neptune eight or ten times.

ICOB oyster slider may be my single favorite thing to eat. Last visit on this past Friday, had a cod entree (for which I cannot find the menu description, sorry) that may have been the best seafood dish I have ever had. It had some sort of (very subtle) smoked meat in it.

I have not been shy on this board about my criticisms of Neptune Oyster ... but the food is superb there as well.

ICOB - large (love the space, very creative), noisy, takes reservations, awesome selection, very friendly, very knowledgeable staff, superb food, pricey

Neptune - small (cramped), no place to wait, no reservations, smaller selection, service is borderline rude - best case indifferent, superb food, pricey

Perhaps you see where I am going with this. Time to stop directing every potential Boston visitor to Neptune?


Neptune Oyster
63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

Island Creek Oyster Bar
500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

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  1. I couldn't agree more.
    Went to ICOB last night with 5 friends and it was awesome from start to finish. Had amazing WIld Belon oysters from Maine that were recommended by our server and they were great. I live in the North End and often send people to Neptune when they stop and ask me where to go for seafood in the NE. But I agree about the service at Neptune and I'm sorry but for the prices they charge they could be a little less indifferent about service. I agree 100% about the oyster sliders at ICOB and can't wait to go back and have more. 3 people in my party had the lobster roe noodles with braised short rib and I was lucky enough to get a bite--I have never tasted better short rib. I got the halibut with grilled ramps and roasted parsnips--delicious. Perfect crusty sear on the fish. I think the smoky meat with your cod was chorizo.
    I love the burger at Neptune with the fried oysters on top--I love everything about it from the brioche bun to the fries. Once there was a little bit of oyster shell in there and I told the server. He comped my soda! Classy. But I forgave them and have had several since. Sigh.
    For my money, I enjoy the experience at ICOB a lot more. It's just more comfy and relaxed and you don't get the rush act.

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    1. re: chicken pot pie

      count my vote with you. It isn't that I don't love the food at Neptune: it's just that I no longer like to pay that kind of money for no amenities with my food: rushed, crowded, sometimes close to surly. I've taken to stopping in there for a late lunch on a weekday but never for dinner and never on a weekend. ICOB and Cognac Bistro have become my two "go to places" for oysters, etc. ICOB is definitely more high end but both of them are comfortable, take reservations, and treat you as if they're happy to have you there. Makes a difference to me.

      Cognac Bistro
      455 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

      1. re: teezeetoo

        Loved ICOB but wasn't impressed by Cognac Bistro. I wouldn't put them in the same category. The ICOB oysters were excellent and nice to have the variety. NIce to have $1 oyster at CB but there are now numerous places that do this (not ICOB however).

        Cognac Bistro
        455 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

        1. re: gourmaniac

          Thank-you. We were totally unimpressed by CB. The Saturday night we went we sat at the tiny bar and were told there were no dollar oysters that night (they were listed on the website) and then the young not very professional bartender told us we would be lucky to get a reservation there during the week. As we were only there for oysters we had a glass of wine and a beer from the very limited selection and ordered 1/2 dozen full price. They were served in the towering 3 tiered fashion with way too much seafood sauce and were just run of the mill. Not inclined to go back but have been to ICOB 3 times and love the place.

          1. re: Berheenia

            Read their website more carefully - it says the Blue Point oysters are $1 every day WHEN AVAILABLE. We've been going there about once a week since they opened, always order a dozen oysters to start, and have only once not been able to get the $1 Blue Points - and if I recall correctly, it was also on a Saturday night (never the best time to judge a place by), they had had some but had simply run out. The oysters themselves - and we've tried most all the varieties, not just the Blue Points - have always been perfectly fresh and perfectly shucked. I think I've eaten more oysters since Cognac Bistro opened than I had in the previous ten years total.

            Not sure what you mean by "towering 3 tiered" serving, especially if you only got 1/2 dozen. We've invariably been served them on a traditional French-style raised frame, one tier, accompanied by little cups of sauce (one or two types of cocktail sauce and a mignonette) and lemon wedges. I usually ignore all the sauces and just give each one a little squeeze of lemon.

            For the record, no way is Cognac Bistro in the same class as Island Creek Oyster Bar, but it's not in the same price class either, not by a long shot. It is what it is - a pleasant, seafood-oriented neighborhood bistro with above-average food, a small but well-tended raw bar and excellent value for money.

            1. re: BobB

              And i didn't imply it was in the same league as ICOB or Neptune. Rather, as BobB says, my experience has been that it's a terrific value mainly seafood restaurant, with excellent oysters, a friendly staff, a nice bar, and quiet enough to hear my tablemates. I love ICOB and it is both more innovative and more expensive. Sometimes you just want less. May I say I can't fathom why, Berheenia, you would find seafood sauce, served on the side in little silver bowls, "too much." They don't force you to eat it.

              1. re: teezeetoo

                For me, 'way too much sauce'-like practices can indicate a restaurant that is not staffed by experienced professionals- chefs and managers both.

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  Trust me - there is not "way too much sauce," we're talking little stainless cups barely larger than those serve-yourself paper ketchup cups at fast food joints. For its size this is an impressively run raw bar.

            2. re: Berheenia

              How could 6 oysters be served in a towering three-tiered fashion?

              2 oysters per tier?

      2. They are different experiences. I tried ICOB for the first time on Friday and concur that it is the best seafood in the city. We took a group of seven from out of town and the experience was great, start to finish. I've been waiting for a place like this in a city that is supposedly a seafood destination. That said, I like Neptune for non-meal times where it offers superb seafood and the small oyster bar experience. I agree that i wouldn't go at peak hours. It just can't handle the crowds. RE sending visitors, ICOB would be my choice also, but it's popularity may soon limit it to off peak hours as well (the only reservation we could get was at 6 or 9).

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        1. re: gourmaniac

          Yeah, timing seems to matter most for the experience at Neptune (tho I've not been to ICOB pre-Sox time). At peak Disneyland North End hours, the shucking of oysters at Neptune is an absolute abomination. So far, I've not experienced this at ICOB at all, even when the restaurant is operating at full tilt.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I'm really glad for Island Creek Oyster Bar. It's fantastic to be able to have Jackson Cannon-level cocktails in another Kenmore Square venue. I really like the food a lot overall, still working my way through the menu. It will take a lot to dislodge Neptune as my favorite Western-style seafood place in town. But for all that love, I don't forgive Neptune any falling down on the hospitality front. Everyone has to deal with bad, rude customers, whether it's Red Sox fans or North End tourists.


            Island Creek Oyster Bar
            500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

            1. I'm glad we have both, and it's true that seafood is just about the only thing these two places have in common.

              For me, Neptune is "pop in every six months or so when I'm done with work early enough to get there by 5:30," whereas I've been to ICOB six times since it opened. ICOB works well for visiting parents, birthday dinners with a party of six, etc., whereas I wouldn't even try going to Neptune with more than one other person. And oh my God the cocktails.