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May 29, 2011 11:40 PM

Lexington reviews

Lexington quick reviews

First off thanks to all who responded in my initial post "Lexington recs needed".

I was able to visit the following..

Billy"s BBQ... Ordered the Fried Banana Peppers. They were cut like Onion rings and Delicious. Who ever decided to pair them with cocktail sauce is a genius. The BBQ was meh. I ordered the Mutton which came like pulled pork and only the outer meat was hot with the inner being cold. Also had the green beans and the Potato Salad both of which were good..sides B+ BBQ C-

JJ McBrewsters... WOW complete 180 from Billy's . Had the Goat BBQ plate with Green Beans and Potato Salad. Enjoyed it so much I got a Turkey Sandwich to go. All an A+

Hall's by the river...great drive to get there. My two friends loved their dishes, Frog legs and chicken. I went for Fried banana peppers and lamb fries. Mine were disappointing. The banana peppers were whole (see above about billy's) so when you cut them you either got pepper with no batter or batter with no pepper. Lamb fries could of been anything deep fried taste or seasoning.

Columbia steak house _ Two in my party had the Hot Brown and raved and cleaned their plates. I had a Rib Eye and well good see later chain review for comparison.

Ramsay's Great southern food had the Pork Chops with Green Beans. A+

OK chain review...I have to say I love a good steak the top two of my life ...CUT and Cowboy Star but those Rib Eyes run $62 and $35 respectively. So for $20 dollars including sides and a 20 oz Kentucky Ale Texas Road House delivered in spades with a perfectly rare Rib Eye tender and seasoned well each time.

Last night before flying out we were in Louisville KY. Went to Eiderdown. Great restaurant. I had the sweet breads and have had them at many 2 and 3 star Michelin restaurants and Eiderdown's hold their own against any version I have had. Entree was the Tongue Sandwich ..I could of eaten 2 of these easy. I wish this restaurant was in CA because I would be a regular.

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  1. We're completely opposite on our opinions of Lexington barbecue.
    I enjoyed Billy's a lot, I had the chopped mutton sandwich and thought it was excellent. The pickle and red onion on it made the sandwich. The meat was rich and slightly gamey. Very good stuff. The onion rings were not very good however, soggy and oily.

    JJ McBrewster's was possibly the worst barbecue I've ever had. I was a little concerned seeing they put served their brisket sandwich on ciabatta. I was more concerned when I heard the ding of the microwave. The edges of the bread were dried out and crunchy due to being over microwaved, the brisket was dark grey, no smoke ring, tough, and flavorless.

    I like Ramsay's a lot, everything I've had there has been excellent.

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      I agree chileheadmike, I did not like JJ McBrewster's. I agree also that Billy's isnt the best, but the pretty decent in this area. The new Red State BBQ on Georgetown Rd is amazing!

      I love Ramseys! Their red sauce pork chops are my favorite!

      1. re: Roadpony

        I forgot Windy Corner Market. Also really good... had the fried Oysters and tghe Kentucky Boy Po Boy both great.

    2. I'm a KY native and have never eaten at any of these! ha! My sister lives in Lexington and absolutely loves Ramsays. Definitely a must try for me soon. She also really likes Billy's BBQ.