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May 29, 2011 08:15 PM

We went out last Giovanni's! [Detroit Area]

We had been meaning to go to Giovanni's for a while now after hearing opinions of it here. Hadn't made it yet until last night for our 33rd Wedding Anniversary(we aren't old, just well seasoned). Had inquired about The Lark, but just didn't seem like us. We loved Giovannis! Everything about it! The food was excellent. But also important was the service! An excellent greeting from the hostess and right away asked us if we were celebrating a special night. Well yes we are! Were seated right away to a very nice table. The server was there right away to take our drink orders and a nice greeting. Brought our drinks and some delicious warm bread. I ordered the bricole and hubby ordered the ravioli stuffed with cheese and topped w/crab. All excellent! Towards the end a lovely woman, I'm assuming is the owner of the establishment came by and chatted and told us how her mother made braciole. It was a lovely evening! I wish Giovanni's would relocate to Farmington Hills! Kind of a long drive for us but but that was fine, it was our Anniversary!

I recommend Giovanni's for food, service, ambiance and everything else. Except location for us!

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  1. Rheta:
    So, where is Giovanni's?
    Location (town/city) would be helpful. Thx.

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      Yes, that would help. Sorry. Giovanni's Restorante is in Detroit. 330 S. Oakwood Blvd. Quite close to Dearborn.

    2. Great! So glad you loved it -- a favorite of ours for all your reasons.

      1. First of all, Rheta, you have my sincerest congratulations on your 33 years of marriage. It's a good start, and you should be proud to celebrate it as such. How wonderful.

        Second of all, I'm so, so glad that you enjoy Giovanni's like I do. Actually, it's pretty much like *everyone* does. They're just so rock-solid exceptional in pretty much everything, that it's hard to find anyone who doesn't rave about the place. The service is, as far as I'm concerned, the best I've had anywhere. I honestly cannot think of a place that treats theirs guests better.

        Oh, the food, though...the confidence that the kitchen exudes is so well-deserved. They *earn* their money, and they just do not screw up. They know *exactly* what they're doing, and what they do is make Italian food that makes a guy as skeptical as me sing their praises. There isn't one course of their food that I don't want when I go there. I might not be able to *fit* all the courses, but I certainly want them.

        I'm so glad you enjoyed your anniversary dinner, Rheta. After 33 years, you're certainly entitled to one of the best places in the area to celebrate that milestone. Congratulations again!

        1. I haven't been to Giovanni's in years. Might give it a whirl for lunch soon. Thanks for the good idea!

          1. Just thought I should post that I went back to Giovanni's last night, and nothing's changed: it's still rock-solid exceptional. I had the perch, and to whomever it was that recommended it, you're absolutely right: it's terrific.

            Just as good, though, was my side of linguine and meat sauce. Truly, and continually, the best pasta I've eaten. It's so good, and I was so hungry, that I ordered a second side of it after I was done...and consumed it then and there. Perfect, and I mean it.

            Finished it off with their tiramisu, which was also terrific. It almost goes without saying that the bread and minestrone were also great as well. Service was tops (again), and I once again found myself tipping at more than 25%, which says something.

            Fear not, fellow gourmands...Giovanni's hasn't changed one bit, and all is right with the world.