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ISO great hot dog place - MSP

Maybe it's because I'm watching Iron Chef America (hot dog challenge) or thinking about my West Coast hometown where we had a great homemade hot dog/sausage place, but I realized: I have no idea where one should go for a great hot dog in the Twin Cities area. I get that the hot dog issue is subjective - Chicago style, etc - but all opinions are welcome.

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  1. The Wienery in Minneapolis. Awesomeness.

    414 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

    1. It's not a "place," as in a permanent building, but I love the hot dogs from The Magic Bus Cafe (a big purple schoolbus). These days, they're at the Wednesdays-only Food Truck Court in downtown St. Paul, plus various other locations.

      Oh, and I recommend upgrading to a grass-feed-beef dog - it's definitely worth the extra money.


      1. I'll echo the Wienery, I'm also a fan of the Walking Dog in the Northstar Foodcourt in downtown Minneapolis and Tiny's Hot Dogs in Northfield

        414 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

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          Tiny's in Northfield has closed.

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            The Walking Dog and Chris & Rob's have terrible chili dogs. Both have the watery chili full of beans instead of hotdog chili, sometimes referred to as coney sauce.

          2. I think "Vienna Beef" hot dogs are a bit overrated... and that's what you'll find at places like the Wienery, Chris & Rob's, etc. My favorite hot dogs, since the Lincoln Del closed and "Best's Kosher" stopped selling their brand, can be found at The Glockenspiel in St. Paul. Unfortunately, they don't come with a bun (though I've never tried requesting one).

            414 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

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              Another great hot dog: "The Diamond Dog" at The Depot Tavern, next door to First Avenue. "1/4 Pound All Beef Hot Dog, Wrapped with Pepper Bacon, and Deep-Fried. Served on a Pretzel Bun"

            2. Frankie's and Chris & Rob's on 42nd. They're not great, but it'll get you by. And both owners are chicago guys. In fact, they sell the neon relish over at Frankies.

              I saw a place called Philly Dawg over in Woodbury. Anyone been there?

              [BTW, can't believe neither one of the chefs attempted a hot dog dessert. Bummer.]

              1. Chicago Dog at Bulldog Uptown. At lunch it's a special and comes with a beer.

                1. You might want to try the meat counter at Kramarcyzk's (not sure on spelling). They are on E. Hennepin two or three blocks from the Mississippi bridge.

                  1. I like the chili dogs at NE Bulldog, perhaps because it's bean-free chili with beef brisket - not traditional for a chili dog, I know.

                    1. Smalley's Big Weiner (I know...) at Smalley's Caribbean BBQ in Stillwater is outstanding. Big beefy dog, sour cream on the bun, slice of crisp bacon alongside the dog, pico de gallo on the top, and chopped scotch bonnet chilis on top of it all. $4 during happy hour in the bar only.

                      I also loved the Kobe dogs at Tilia. You get two for $10. Dog, bacon, pickled cauliflower, mayo, mustard. Really good.



                      1. Had a pretty good dog at Byerlies (ridgedale) soup section. Had a great one at Mackenthuns in St. Bonifaciou.

                        1. Can't beleive nobody mentioned Nate dog off of 4th and Hennepin. Local brats and dogs from patures a plenty with homemade surly mustard.

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                            The cole-slaw dog or cheese brat with kraut from the guy with the cart on the corner at the St. Paul Farmer's market is pretty good too.

                          2. Thanks, y'all! Am making a list for the Hot Dog Tour.

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                              The jerk brat from Kramarczuk's is delicious!

                            2. per facebook the foie dog at Victory 44 is on the menu again, its pretty damn good regardless of foie.

                              Victory 44
                              2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

                              1. Johnny's in Apple Valley

                                1. Uncle frankies has great dogs, Nordeast or Plymoth

                                  1. The Bulldog on Lyndale. I love their veggie dog!